Saturday, 26 July 2014


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A funny thing happened on my way to home from college.

  Rain was about to show its hungriness. After the hectic college schedule I was rushing to my home with holding an umbrella. After some distance of walking I heard a footstep behind me. I ignored it at first but a thought came to my mind “may be someone is following me.” It’s a say that once negativity comes to your mind, it’s hard to turn your back on it.

I relaxed myself and increase my speed of walking but the person also increased his speed. My heart started to pound rapidly. I started to run but only to found his footstep matching mine.

Suddenly I stopped in the middle of the road and bashed the edge of my umbrella on the stomach of the anonymous person. “Ouch...” he cried. At that time I felt Kiran Bedi mounted in me.

“Miss, your dropped it near the college gate.” He uttered in pain holding his stomach and slowly handed me the purse. “ purse, ohh thanks.” Calmness rose in my face. “But you already thanked me with your umbrella” he said with a weird expression.

Embarrassment slammed in my face. “Um...sorry....and....thank you for the purse.” I whispered at once, took a half turn and started to rush towards my home.

This is a true story, happened when I was in 12th standard and that was the most awkward moment for me.  

This post is my attempt for “write over the weekend” by Blogadda.

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  1. The times are so bad, Arpita, that do-gooders are also suspected...
    Nice to read this true story :)

    1. Exactly Anita, even i have so much worst experience than this......

  2. Hahaaa.. that was funny. Really its crazy how we misunderstand people...we have designed our minds so much to be prepared for the worst...that good things and people get blinded in the process.All the best for WoW

    1. It's because now in this world you can't trust anyone i made my mind for that action......
      Thanks for visiting my blog dear.....

  3. Awe that story has such a sweet ending. I totally agree that when a negative thought enters our mind it is a bit tough get it out of there, especially when his footsteps were matching yours!

    Chanzie @ Mean Who You Are.

    1. Hmm...some actions lead us to negative thought, but thank god I only bashed him once....



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