Sunday, 26 October 2014

A letter to my cousin

This time blogadda bought a topic to write a letter to someone you miss in this diwali. So I’m writing to my cousin who is two year older than me. We have celebrated most of the diwalis together.

Dear sister,

I hope everything is fine in your house. You must be enjoying Diwali at your home, but I miss the perks of being with you. How is your preparation for bank P.O. exams going on?  You are appearing that exams in the coming month na? So how is uncle and aunt? What are doing in this diwali, I mean anything special?  

 Ohh! Stupid of me. I’m asking only questions, but you know my curiosity level na. Papa has already brought diyas, sweets and crackers. Mama and I will be doing the rangoli. Today we were deciding the menu for lunch and dinner. I know we have celebrated previous Diwali together and this time it is impossible for you to come here, as your bank exams are coming near.  All the things without you will be incomplete. Remember I will say it again, there is not much time when you walk out of road for a journey to chase your dreams, happiness is the first thing you will need in that time.

Okay you must be thinking in a festive season how can I bore you by giving lectures. I feel a little old after glancing back to past days.  So I will stop here. Listen don’t you dare to eat all the chocolates alone. Stay happy and energetic.

Waiting for your reply 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Yours little sister,  

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  1. There will be someone we miss during festival times, right? :)

  2. you are right Vinithaa...this time I missed her really..



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