Monday, 30 May 2016


I've come across hundred or more numbers of Bollywood/Hollywood movies and more than thousand numbers of characters. Some characters are put thoughtfully, some with little comic element, some with negative aura and some are portrayed colorfully. Some characters touch our soul and make their places in our heart, where as some make us hate them from the bottom of our heart. I had already posted the list of my favorite peppy characters from Bollywood Movies. Here I'm going to reveal my most favorite character and once I dreamed to become like her.

Tada... She is Geet from Jab We Met...

She is warm, cute, chirpy and best known for her carefree attitude. She knows how to get her things done. Remember, she finally managed to convey Adity to drop her home with her suitcase (laughs).

Here are my reasons, what I like about her :

  • She solely believe in speaking her heart out despite of the place or situation or the current atmosphere. It doesn't matter whether anybody is listening to her or not. According to Geet, if you feel like talking, then you shouldn't care for the audience.

  • She loves to take risk. Remember, when she told Aditya that "life is my favorite game. What's your?" She's brave, as not all of us have the courage to elope from house to get married and again plan to return our house after marriage. 

  • I love her 'Just Imagine' before most of the sentences. and her dialogues like "We'll tell this stories to our children", "I'm my favorite" and "The MRP written on the bottle is this and you're saying 2 rupees extra!!!". 

  • Her boyfriend dumped her and eventually she realized that Aditya is the one for her. But, when her boyfriend came back to her life instead of setting with him, she choose what she wanted. I like this fact to always go with your heart.



Till now she is my top most favorite character. I would love to hear about your favorite characters.


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  1. Very true "The one and Only One"

  2. Geet is one of my favorites too, Appy. Peppy characters like her are adorable!
    Glad you have mentioned so many points about her! Agree.

    1. Thanks Anita for visiting... :) I adored Geet with all my heart.



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