Wednesday, 2 March 2016


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Dear Husband,

Are you wondering now, why I’m writing this letter to you? It’s my letter for demanding promises. Let’s go back to the memory lane and recall the moment when we first meet. During our training time when I was giving my introduction, you were the one who laughed at me. The initial cold wars between us make me laugh now. Eventually those fights turned into understanding each other and then that magic happened.

There comes some time in life where. Despite all that you do, you became greedy, demanding more attention from your dear one. Yes, I’m talking about promises. Promise is one of the key elements that have bound us together till now. Remember, on our first anniversary I promised you three things, now it’s your turn.  But, in return I want four promises from you as our third anniversary is approaching faster.

First; I need you to promise me to spend some quality time together. It’s not your fault that workload is keeping us apart. Now a day I feel like work is your primary focus and I’m your secondary. We both working in the same building yet we barely meet each other. So, I demand at least one hour per day from your busy schedule.

Second; I need you to promise me for showing some tolerance in my shopping time. You’ve accepted me after knowing that I’m a shopaholic person. These days whenever I’m asking you to accompany me for shopping, you’re avoiding me. If I can show my patience while you watch cricket match, then I demand your constancy over my shopping hours.

Third; I demand you to promise me for showing respect to all my decisions. I’m not complaining. You always ask my opinions and ideas. But whenever I take a decision, you start with how and whys. I require you to have faith in my decision. You’re open to share your view but, don’t be judgmental.  Not every decision of mine will go wrong.

Fourth and the last one; I order you to promise me that you’ll stay with me for eternity. Though I never have doubt on you. You’ve tolerated my possessiveness also without complaining. My letter may sound bitter to you, but you know we demand more, just because we love the person more. Now you’ll ask all these things I can say you directly, what is the need of writing? Well, the first time you confessed me by writing a letter. So I reciprocate you.


Yours lovingly wife 

I’m blogging about the kasams I want from my man this Women’s Day with the #SadaSexy activity at BlogAdda in association with Set Wet.

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