Sunday, 21 May 2017


Hello All, 

I'm here once again with another DIY project. This weekend I was organizing the rejected clothes, while a particular shirt caught my eye. I thought let's do something from that. So.... I converted my papa's old Shirt to my off shoulder top. 

Below are the steps for making it. Hope you enjoy it and share your thoughts on the comment section.

Materials you'll be needing:

  • An old men's shirt (larger is better. Here, I've taken the Large size) 
  • Scissors 
  • Tailoring chalk
  • Elastic band
  • Sewing machine
  • Measuring tape

Materials you'll be needing

Steps for making :

  • Hold the shoulders of the shirt and fold it in half and also fold the sleeves as shown in below picture. Most importantly, make sure to leave at least one or two inches distance from the armhole. 

  • Mark a straight line using tailoring chalk as shown in the below picture. I've taken 5 inch distance from the shoulder. 

  • Cut he marked straight line using scissor. Take out the button near cut area, if any present. When you'll open the shirt, it'll make some angle around the sleeve area.You need to cut that part in a straight line also. 

  • Now, you've to make a fold and secure it with pins or you can directly stitch also. The fold should be the combination of a small  fold and rotate that small fold to make a big fold so that the elastic can be inserted easily. I've used a sewing machine to stitch. But, you can sew it  by hand also.

Mama helped me little in sewing  the arm area  :D

  • Take the measuring tape and measure the shoulder around, which was 38 Inch in my case. So, we'll take the length of the elastic as 30 Inch. Take a safety pin and insert the elastic into the hole which we made from the stitching. 

  • After inserting the elastic, stitch the two ends of the elastic. Adjust the material as per your convenience. Now, your off shoulder top is ready. I've styled it with a belt. You can wear it without any belt also.  

My final look


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