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Book: Private India

Authors: Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson
Genre: Fiction (Mystery/Thriller)
Published by: Arrow Books
No. of pages: 447
Cover price: Rs. 350

Story Line-:
Private India is India’s biggest and best detective agency, a branch of Private Worldwide, run by Jack Morgan.  Santosh Wagh heads Private India. Murders in the Mumbai city clearly show the work of a serial killer; the killer has chosen its victim randomly, without any connections and with strange props placed in the death scene.

Santosh Wagh is running out of time. He has to stop the killer before the killer finds its next victim. Not only that private India seems to be in great danger along with thousands of innocents.

Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson have teamed up for the first time to bring ‘private’ series to India. It’s the 8th book of the popular series.

The plotline of this novel was convincing but the story progressed in a twist and turn manner. Some mysteries baffled me as some characters have multiple personalities. The mysteries start to unfold in the second half of the book.

Thumbs up-:
The book is written by two people, who are polished in their own field, so the book is well conjured up. The writing is very detailed and every minute detail is specified with perfection. The reader automatically starts to picturing things while reading.

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Some of the lines which I really liked-:
"Unlike a piece of wood which can turn out too short when you cut it, if a piece of metal is botched, we simply wait, reheat, and give it another go. There are always second chances-both in metal and in men."

"Life has no meaning without the presence of death. Life is simply the absence of death. The fools of this world labour to prevent death, unmindful of the fact that it is death that will set them free."

Thumbs down-:
It’s very difficult for me to detect the thumbs down portion but I think there is only one thing that strokes my mind; the novel is dividing in to two parts so as the story. The first and last few chapters can give you goose bumps but in the middle a reader may lost as so many characters will come across a reader and so many things will occur at a time.

I think there are so many characters with their background stories. But Except Santose Wagh all are easily forgettable. The cameo appearance of Jack Morgan, who is the head of Private and recruited all of them for the Indian branch of private, was also unnecessary.  

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A fast read and a page turner, Private India might be ready for its sequels and I hope Ashwin and James sure can come up with many more cases, some related to the mythological suspense of India, which Private India can handle with Santosh. I also think that the novel can also be add to the bollywood diaries.
So I will give this Novel 4 out of 5 stars for its writers, who have made it marvelous for the readers.

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Saturday, 23 August 2014


“As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.” 

( Note - This is the Second chapter of "A stupid thing called love". I will post its chapters in every week, so have patient.... as the story will continue in weekly manner )


The morning sky was filled with storm clouds. I predicted about some unusual thing is going to happen. Starting a new college was too tiring and of course the last few days weren’t too bad except the lizard boy incident.

Making my way up to the bus stop, I saw Pakshy waving at me (Pakshy and I shared the same bus to go to college). I smiled and waved back at her.

Pakshy- “Hey do you know that one direction is going to release its new album? Yapaa....”
She screamed in joy. She was a die-hard fan of one direction just like Rosni of SRK and Harry Potter.

Me-  “Really!!!” I said with an artificial excited face. Ohhh GOD, I’m a conversation killer. Pakshy also realised it. By that time our bus had also arrived. In our bus we loved to listening music in an earphone, and started our conversation in loud voice.

As I predicted, that day our section had decided to make a mass bunk. So I requested all to eat ice-cream and we five moved towards the ice-cream parlor.
I started chatting with friends, bag-pack on both my shoulders and simultaneously licking the delicious cornetto ice-cream.
Me- “Why are they doing this mass bunk so soon? I mean it’s only 5th day of our college na?” I asked with a concerned face.

Rosni- “Umm I don’t mind apy (apy is the pet name given by my friends), and don’t worry, nothing will happen. We can gossip the whole afternoon.” I nodded as a response. I almost jumped and yelled excitedly waving my right hand as I saw an aeroplane fly away. (It’s my thing that I can’t control myself when a plane passes by....I know it’s embarrassing for a 17 year old girl)

Meanwhile a group of four boys were passing by in the opposite direction of us...seeing my childish act they laughed out loudly; one of them even mimicked my act. We all were embarrassed of course, Anchal was starting to protest something but Rosni dragged her out of that place and rest of us also escaped out of there quickly fearing of ragging, assuming they were seniors.

Muskan- “I told you a thousand times apy, to behave properly outside. Such an idpd...they are seniors, if they will remember us then what will we do?” by that time Muskan was furious but my mind was in the middle of processing about the things that happened.

Me- “Guys why is that I have a weird feeling about it?” I asked in expressionless, still processing the incident in my mind.

Pakshy- “Of course dear....You not only embarrassed yourself but also us. So how can you feel well” She told in a retorted manner.

Me- “Now I remember....umm...was not HE that lizard boy!!! It means he is from our college and he is a senior.” fear started to engulf me and I had lost my interest in ice-cream.

Rosni suggested going to the library to change our mood and that is when I realized that I had lost my Id-card somewhere.

On our second meeting, You turned my day down....... 

 The worst day of my life, I started to sob silently.                                                            

(Next chapter will be updated next week)

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Friday, 15 August 2014


“As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.” 

( Note - This is the first chapter of "A stupid thing called love". I will post its chapters in every week, so have patient.... as the story will continue in weekly manner) 
 CHAPTER- 1                                                                                                 
I just love the way my life goes on. I love to learn, not to study, as I think of it as fun. So I joined engineering as it has no study load. Let me introduce myself, I am Apekshya,17 years old, favorite color changes according to my mood, favorite movie depends on the rating, height around 5’6 and I’m just an average looking girl, quite sensitive and quite emotional too.

It was a Sunday. So we five friends decided to go on a trip to puri. Before that, let me introduce my friends to you: Rosni (very talkative, smiley face, wears spectacle, never listens to important things and always forgets something), Pakshy (very sweet, kind hearted girl, responsible and most importantly loves to study), Muskan (shortly Miss. Drama queen, she can give a hundred expressions in one minute) and Anchal (straight forward yet innocently sweet inside but sometimes her straight forwardness make us feel embarrassed).

Back to our trip,then. That day I came a little late to bus stop so all the four of them had already occupied their seats (Rosni with Anchal and Pakshy with Muskan). I was left alone, so making an angry face I sat with a stranger!!!(He was a stranger, but until now.)

That time I decided not to talk with any one of them. Of course how can they ditch me like that? And I drank water to calm myself.
Suddenly my gaze fell on my lap and there, I found a lizard. I jumped the next moment screamingly and unconsciously threw all the water towards that stranger (actually I don’t like animals except cats but a lizard, seriously!!!) 

Stranger- With a terribly angry face he started shouting at me “WHAT DID YOU DO? Don’t you have any manners? Oh god! I have an important program today. Listen, Miss you have to compensate for it.”

Me- (at that time all I managed to say was) “sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you but there was a lizard on my lap and”

Stranger- He did not let me complete my sentence “wait, a lizard!!! Did you mean this” he showed me that lizard. “Miss this is not a real one” then he stretch its tail to show me that it was made of rubber.

Me- that was enough, beyond my control and I wanted to throw him out of that bus or slap him with my sandal “LISTEN YOU; I did not know that it was not real, and nobody could guess that. So you better keep that in your bag and sit silently.

Stranger- “Sorry I can’t hear that and I need my compensation. You are the one who spilt water on me and then you are the one who insult me in front of these people.”
And I was completely unaware of the people staring at us; some with shocking look, some with a look of disgust and some with an angry look. At that time I couldn’t read my friends expression. We were fighting like pre-elementary students; he was ready to push me into a gutter and I was ready to kick him as hard as possible.  

Before I could protest anything the bus conductor came and threw us out of the bus. Obviously my friends also silently co-operated me and got down with me. We stared at each other briefly before leaving on our own way.

We meet for the first time, but how can you be so sure about me....

 Hoped that was last time too but that was not quite so.............                                                                   
(Next chapter will be updated next week)

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Lakshmi adjusted her glass and looked at her husband, who was busy in filling some forms. “What did the doctor say? Did they get any donor?” she retorted all questions at one shot with a nervous smile. Her husband hushed her by nodding a yes. Hope started to take shape in her mind.

Before some months the Sukla family came to know that Lakshmi needs heart transplantation. From that day on-wards her husband started his journey from hospital to hospital in a search for a donor. Finally that search came to an end today, he found a donor for Lakshmi.

 Everyone is not that lucky like Lakshmi, some even lose their lives in a need of transplantation. It’s on our hand to make some changes in someone’s life by donating our organs.

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“I’m the better judge of my life and I can decide how to be remembered in future........”

Today is world organ donation day. So I recommend everyone to celebrate this day by making a promise to donate your organ. If everyone makes their mindset then so many fates can be changed.....

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Thursday, 7 August 2014


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She was having difficulty in maintaining eye contact with him. He has always supported her both morally and emotionally. So why was she hesitating?

 She took a deep breath, gathered her courage and fumbled “Dad didn’t get the job.”

He patted her and genteelly whispered “it’s okay beta, my love never dies for you.”

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Here’s my first attempt in 55 fiction. 

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Wednesday, 6 August 2014


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Once upon a time there was a village, there every girl was illiterate. But one among them wanted to study. Due to tradition and custom of their village she couldn’t convince her family, though she didn’t know how to give up.

One day her family agreed to her. She started her school at standard five. She studied in lantern as electricity wasn’t there. She walked six kilometers per day to her school. 

She became the first female graduate in her village. She fulfilled her dream by becoming a teacher in her village.

 She retired from her job three months ago and now teaching the girls from her village.

Sometimes if you want a change then take an initiative towards change. She inspired me in every dimension of life.

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“Why do you go away? So that you can come back, So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.” 
                                                                 ― Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky

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“Papa, mama....I got that job.” Ravi shouted loudly. His mother thanked God and father hugged him tightly.  “You don’t have to worry now, soon we will move to a new house far from this village, I will buy you a gold chain mama and I will admit papa in a private hospital.” He continued breathless.

His father was an asthma patient. Due to lack of money he couldn’t get treatment done. They went to sleep that night and it was raining outside.

The next day landslide occurred and over 700 families washed away along with their hopes, desires and wishes.

“But wishes only are granted in fairy tale.”

Here’s my first attempt for 100 words on Saturday from write tribe.

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Saturday, 2 August 2014


The water droplets were dancing in his feet as he ran towards his home. He was 14 years old, and that summer he visited his grand ma’s house. He was enjoying his friends company when the sky overcast with dark cloud and within a fraction of second it started to pour. On his way back to home he heard a faint sound from an ankle bells. He stopped there and move towards the direction of that sound. The sound was melodious and in the rhythm that his curiosity mounted over him.

He reached near a broken pavilion following that sound. There he observed a small girl in a white salwar kameez dancing gracefully and giggling about something. He blinked a couple of times, that girl may be 11-12 years old but she had that charisma that attracted him towards her. He forgot about the rain and stood there for a couple of minute.

After that day he started regularly visiting that place and sometimes he waited for her arrival. But his summer vacation was ending soon so he had to leave for Mumbai to his parents.  The next day he saw her was the day he had visited his grand ma’s place for the last time. That last day she was surrounded by her friends, when one of her friend called,”Kruti, come us some new moves.” So her name was Kruti he thought to himself and a grin came across his face.

 In this manner years had passed and now he was 21. He had to leave abroad for further studies in MBA, so he came to visit his grand ma before leaving. He still remembered about Kruti, her dance, her smile and the sound of her ankle bells. That evening he rushed towards the pavilion but that was empty. It was stupid of him to think that she was still coming there to dance. He lost all his hope to see her again when a girl came towards the pavilion in a white salwar kameez. He recognized her instantly, she had transformed in to a beautiful lady. She tied her dupatta across her waist and ankle bells in both of her legs. Within a minute she started to move elegantly. There was no music but the sound was so harmonious that no beauty can compensated for that scene.

He could not control himself and started to move in her direction. She stopped by his glance and started to shiver. “You are beautiful Kruti....” he whispered. She untied her dupatta and ran from that place with an urgent expression.

 And it rained that night.

The next day he closed his eyes as the flight took off, reflecting over the lines he said to kruti because probably he wasn’t going to see her ever again. Sometimes we don’t get what we want.

“You know you are in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than dream.”

It’s my attempt for WOW! Write over weekend post by blogadda.

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Friday, 1 August 2014

FEAR FACTOR: the greatest enemy of ours

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What would you do if you were not afraid?

Once upon a time a little girl in a red coated silver gown, blue sandals and cute red ribbon band got up the stage to perform a dance in school. She was so excited to perform in front of all. When she got up to the stage, she saw many gazes were rested on her. Nervousness mounted over her. Music started to play and she made her movements in according to music. But due to this nervousness she forgot some steps and started to fumble there. Student started to laugh and mock at her. She returned home with teary eyes with agonizing heart and after that day it was so difficult for her to face the crowd. She became an introvert person and today also she is trying to triumph over her introvert personality.

That little girl was me, who is now not-a-little-girl anymore. That scar from childhood left a deep imprint in my soul. Now also I’m having difficulties in doing something in front of others. Recently we were having GD (group discussion) sessions and I was so afraid to speak up though I have some content knowledge but when everybody’s gaze constant on me, I forgot most of my points and started to shuffle.

 “I have to face the fear. I have to take control of the situation and find a way to make it less frightening.” 

Coming to the question “What would you do if you were not afraid?”- I listen music in my headphone, laugh continuously without any valid reason (for this sometimes my friends think me as a weird person) and blog about something. Before some months my friend introduced me to this blogger world. She advised me to express my feelings through writing as for an introvert person sometimes writing is better than speaking. And it’s working now. Whenever I feel scared or afraid to face a crowd, I begin to scribble something.

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To overcome from our fear is not an easy job. It needs time, support and willing power to conquer from your fear. I’m trying and hope one day I succeed completely.

Here’s my attempt for write tribe blog carnival.....

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