Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Love Lasts Forever...

Author: Vikrant Khanna
Publisher: Shrishti Publishers & Distributors
Number of Pages: 248
Price [INR] : 150
Genre: Fiction

 Ronit falls madly in love with a beautiful girl, Aisha, when he was eighteen and wants to marry her instantly. After her protest for seven years she finally agrees for the marriage. He thought that his love for her will last longer. He has seen the soul mate in her. And they get married.  A week later, he hates his lady love from the bottom of his heart. He doesn't understand why she changed so much.

To escape from her and his messed up married life; he leaves in a ship to work. But his perception about love and life change when he hears the poignant love story of his captain, on a ship. But unfortunately that ship later gets hijacked by the pirates of Somalia.  

As they are left fighting for their lives they confront if love truly can last forever...? But does it get too late?

Love lasts forever is a combination of love, humor and ego. It is a quick read for a Sunday afternoon. The language of the book is well-spoken and simple. There are two love stories going on in a parallel motion with different time period and with different generations; one is Ronit’s and the other is Shekhar’s, his captain.  Believe me once you start reading it you can’t keep it away from you. This book clearly gives a chance to reconsider love, commitment as sometimes we don’t get a second chance.  

At first I didn’t like Ronit, perhaps due to his perception on women. He even thought of divorcing his wife. But at last I also fall for this character. I like some lines, when he take advice from his friend Joey Sing, “Men go shopping to buy what they want; but women go shopping to know what they want”.

I love the captain’s love story. It was simple yet has the power to shed some tears from people’s eye. You can feel the warmness in captain’s touching story.

The cover of the book is quite attractive, at first glance I also attracted to its cover.

Some of the lines I really liked

“It’s not too hard to keep a woman happy. All they want is your love, care, support, and apparently a good ear”.
“How can someone be so much in love that everything in his life revolves around that person he loves? And why do these feelings never cease, instead flourish with each passing day?”

I will give 3.5 stars out of 5 to this book.

About The Author

Vikrant Khanna grew up in Delhi. He studied at the Tagore International School. He has also penned the bestselling book The India I Dream of… and the Facebook Revolution Begins!! And When Life Tricked Me… And Love Kicked Me. He joined the Merchant Navy as a deck officer and later became a Chief Officer. Vikrant eventually completed his masters to become a Captain. He is also a keen guitarist who composes his own songs and is adept at cooking.

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Sunday, 26 October 2014

A letter to my cousin

This time blogadda bought a topic to write a letter to someone you miss in this diwali. So I’m writing to my cousin who is two year older than me. We have celebrated most of the diwalis together.

Dear sister,

I hope everything is fine in your house. You must be enjoying Diwali at your home, but I miss the perks of being with you. How is your preparation for bank P.O. exams going on?  You are appearing that exams in the coming month na? So how is uncle and aunt? What are doing in this diwali, I mean anything special?  

 Ohh! Stupid of me. I’m asking only questions, but you know my curiosity level na. Papa has already brought diyas, sweets and crackers. Mama and I will be doing the rangoli. Today we were deciding the menu for lunch and dinner. I know we have celebrated previous Diwali together and this time it is impossible for you to come here, as your bank exams are coming near.  All the things without you will be incomplete. Remember I will say it again, there is not much time when you walk out of road for a journey to chase your dreams, happiness is the first thing you will need in that time.

Okay you must be thinking in a festive season how can I bore you by giving lectures. I feel a little old after glancing back to past days.  So I will stop here. Listen don’t you dare to eat all the chocolates alone. Stay happy and energetic.

Waiting for your reply 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Yours little sister,  

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Saturday, 11 October 2014


I tiptoed towards the slanting bridge with a red coated white gown and my red sandal. I have to cross the bridge so that I can reach my destination. But I didn’t know where I’m heading to or why? The only thing I knew was someone is waiting for me.

After I cross the bridge a beautiful classic garden popped up in my view. It was rich in different types flower plants. But what drew my attention were orchid flowers, I love them. As I moved ahead my gaze fell on a white glass table and two chairs placed in the middle of the garden.

I came closer to that table and saw a beautiful man was walking towards me from the other direction; Light beams were coming from him. Wait!!! Did I say beautiful?

“Finally you have come, I was waiting for you.” He stated with a smile on his face. “Umm...hello may I know who are you? And why I’m here?” I was confused at that time and he must have seen it on my face. “Who I’m not important but Arpita Did you forgot we have a date today.”  He threw his hand in air to show me to sit in the chair. I silently followed his command. “Arpita did you wish to score good marks in exams?” I didn’t get his question. “Yes, I mean everybody want it” I said it with a-quite-obvious look. “But if you didn’t work hard and only wish then how can you succeed? You also give up so quickly. May I know why?” He retorted again.

“May be I’m like that, I get depressed by failure. And maybe I’m not getting enough motivation.” I murmured with a sad expression. He extended his hand and lifted my chin up so that we were facing each other. “That’s why I’m here Arpita, to motivate you because life can’t be perfect without motivations. And my dear there is a say that the strongest people aren’t always the people who win, but the people who don’t give up when they lose.”  I saw a twinkle in his eyes when he was explaining things to me.

“What do you want to eat?” his question made me think a little. “Umm...I’m not much of an eater but if you insists then cutlet will be fine.”  It’s because I don’t like vegetables and potato is my one n only favorite veggie. “Cutlet, you eat that daily. Let’s eat salad?” Ohh...GOD how he knew that I eat cutlet daily. “Actually I don’t eat much veggie. So salad is not my liking.” A faint smile crossed across his face. “You are throwing your attitude like a princess. You don’t like vegetables but you know people don’t get vegetables.” He was saying the truth but the truth always hurt more.
“Arpita you are a nice girl. So live as if you were to die tomorrow. And learn as if you were to live forever. We have to hurry up It’s your get up time na?” again he smiled. “But you didn’t tell me who are you?” I asked this time out of curiosity. How did he know so many things about me? “You can call me your well wisher.”  

With that the garden started to fade along with the scenery and darkness started to engulf me. I saw my phone was in my hand and an alarm was ringing at 6 pm. I didn’t even realize when that phone came to my hand. “See you soon my well wisher” I shouted aloud.
I opened my eyes and observed my surrounding. It was the same familiar my room and I were in my bed. Was that all a dream? I patted my forearm and thought I had a date with GOD.

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Friday, 3 October 2014


If I look down my life, I can see so many experiences starting from friendship to break up to emotional breakdown.  But that one feeling I never want to forget i.e. Love and Hate.

During my school days I walked home from school with my equally skinny best friend Viviane.  And on our way back we generally talked about Jake. Ahh...Before that let me tell you all that Jake was my sworn enemy or worst enemy. I hated him with my life. Every time Jake and few other friends of his taunted us. They had also invented a thousand ways to make me cry.

My Dad always assured me “they only do that because they like you honey. Cassie you know if you don’t react then only they will stop bothering you.” I didn’t realize at that time that the torture from Jake was actually attention. By the tenth grade I was used to that torture. By that point Jake had moved on to hitting us with water filled balloons.

I had known him for five years but the funny thing was we considered each other friends. I knew he somehow enjoyed my company. When others were not around then he would talk to me. He had taught me how to skeet but he never mentioned it to anyone. He behaved so nice to me in private but he always maintained the tough exterior in front of others. We even held hands on my sixteenth birthday and watched the sunset together.   

When I had completed high school, we got into separated universities. On a summer I returned home from my first year of college, I ran into Jake. He was living on his own at that time. I found myself sitting in his apartment. We talked about those years when he bullied me, made me cry and even gave comfort me. After that I asked him, “Did you ever have a crush on me?”

And he responded, “Yes Cassie I had a crush on you the whole time but fear of losing you.”

We shared the love and hate relationship. Even now also I haven’t forgotten that memories.

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