Tuesday, 30 December 2014

THE REUNION: part 2 (Love Diaries #2)

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Dear Diary,

I felt guilty for rudely behaving with him. Ohh... My heart isn’t at ease because today my whole day went pretty bad. Yesterday I was so excited to meet him, but after seeing him now that excitement vanishes. I looked again his Facebook pictures and his pictures are so captivating. Then why he has kept a stubble face. He looked like a homeless guy and also a little older than his actual age.

I’m disappointed, maybe I was hoping too much. I never realized his flirty messages in Facebook were nothing serious. But still I’m concerned about his interview. Did he perform well? Did he follow my instructions and shaved? I know I have to call him to know the interview result and to say him sorry also for my behavior.

See you soon

She closed her diary. Her phone beeped, a message came. So she moved to look for her phone. The clock showed her 9 pm. She thought to herself,‘The results must be out by now.’

The message was sent from him and it said,  ‘Come to your garden, I’m waiting.’ She grabbed her jacket and hurried towards her garden.

There she saw a clean shaven man standing with smiling look. “You look different.” She complimented him. He said, “Hmm... I have to, since it was your command.”

“Did you perform well in the interview? What about the result? Did you get selected?” A shade of curiosity formed on her face. “Yes, I got that job.” He said, folding his arms across his chest.

“See I told you naa... You couldn’t have gotten that job with your stubble look.”  She raised her hand confidently.

“But you know, I shaved before coming here and I got that job with my stubble look. I know my looks weren’t formal for the interview, but I have taken my luck with me. That’s why I told you to meet me before the interview. Because You are my lucky charm...” He met his gaze with her to read her expression.

 “I don’t understand clearly what are you saying...” She was cut in the mid sentence.

“Stupid!!! I’m saying that I’m madly in love with you. This is the straight answer. And I know you also feel the same for me. So I shaved before coming here because you told me to.” He intertwined his hand with hers.

A jolly smile formed on her face and she pulled him into a hug.


They sat in her garden bench. “By the way how did you get the job? Your interviewer didn’t tell you anything? You know most of the rejection is due to stubble look.” She wasn’t convinced about his interview result.

He laughed a little and said, “Yes, the interviewer did ask me why I haven’t shaven? You know I have submitted my resume with a clean shaven face. So I answered, pointing to myself that I can assure you sir that I’m much better than the me in the photo. And as I told you my luck also worked. So I got selected.”

“Then I’m really your lucky charm na...” she asked playfully.

They both laughed. 

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Monday, 29 December 2014

THE REUNION: Part 1 (Love Diaries #2)

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Dear Diary,

I have some good news to share with you. My best friend or recent crush is coming tomorrow to meet me. He is my best friend from kinder garden. I still remember at our first meeting we fought for the first bench. We never realized when our fights turned to friendship and we became close friends. Everything was picture perfect until his father’s transfer news broke on us. He moved with his family, at that time we were only fourteen. After his departure, I started to realize his importance in my heart. I never noticed when my feelings changed for him.

Finally, he is coming tomorrow after seven years. Some days ago a message popped on my window screen on Facebook from him. In that message he said that he has an interview to attain, and he wants to meet me also. If he could see that, I’m on cloud nine right now.

I have selected my black dress for tomorrow. Black is his favorite color. At first I want to know if he has the same feelings for me as I have for him. After that I will confess  my feelings....

See you soon

She closed her diary and went to bed.

The next morning she went to the airport to meet him. After fifteen minutes of more waiting she heard someone called her name. She turned to see a bearded man waving at her. She took some minutes to recognize him. She snapped him, “What’s with this stubble look? Are you serious? Will you give your interview in this look?” His smile vanished. A sudden thought came to her mind and made her sad. ‘He didn’t try to impress me? It means he sees me nothing more than a friend and I tried so hard to impress him.’ She thought to herself.

“Why are you staring at me? Go and shave. At least try to impress your interviewer. With this look you won’t get the job.” She said furiously and left that place.

‘He was there with that unkempt appearance. I don’t know whether I did right or wrong by leaving that place. But one thing I’m sure that I hate his new look.’, she thought to herself.

To be continued....     

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Saturday, 27 December 2014


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Recently I came across this advertisement, which shows the truth brings mental peace to human beings. I also had a similar experience, which I’m going to share with all.

 I was always crazy about dance during my schooling days. But my parents gave me the permission to learn only ‘Odissi’ dance. Frankly, I was okay with it, but I needed more. I always wanted to learn different dance styles. I wasn't allowed to perform on stage except 'Odissi'. So I was somehow desperate to perform different dance styles except 'Odissi'.

In my 9th grade my school organized inter school dance competition. My heart mounted over my mind so I decided to participate in that. I went to give my audition; my first mistake was I didn't ask my parent about this as I was too confident that they will deny it, my second mistake was I forged the signature of my papa in application. I performed and got selected for the next round. But I couldn't find the satisfaction.

The days passed by and the final competition night came. I told my parents that I was going to my best friend’s home and left for school. I wasn’t feeling well thinking about the lie I told to my parents. The anchor announced my name and I took my position in the center of the stage. The music started and I moved my body rhythmically with the music. My eyes moved among the crowd and suddenly I felt my gaze met with my father’s and I started to shiver. The next moment I saw my father wasn’t there. My heart wasn’t at ease.

When my performance completed I packed my bag pack and left the school. I marched towards my home. I knocked the door and my mama opened it. I found my papa reading newspaper sitting in leaving the room. He folded the newspaper and placed it beside him.

“What happened? Your study completed this early?” He asked.

“Um... Papa, mama... I want to confess something.” I tried to keep eye contact but failed. I explained all the things. “I’m so sorry. I can assure you this will never happen again. You can give me any kind of punishment.” I was reflecting upon my actions and truly seeking for their forgiveness. Papa got up from the sofa and moved towards me. For a moment I thought that he was going to slap me. But instead he patted me and asked, “If you wanted to participate, then you should have told me. In the first place you lied, but now what have changed your mind?”

“Papa ever since I lied to you, my heart wasn’t at ease. So I wanted to tell the truth.” Tears found their way out.

“I’m glad you realized your mistake and what about your result? Did you get any prize?” With that he gave me a smile.

“Actually papa I didn’t wait for the result.” I gave him a sad smile.

“Then let’s go. I will also go with you.”

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From that day onward I never lied to my parents. I always seek permission before going anywhere and he gives me also. I also realized one thing ‘The truth is a beautiful thing; at first it will piss you off, but the next it will set you free.’     

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Friday, 26 December 2014


My heart stopped beating imaging the horrible incident
Stunned into eternal muteness
By the sudden attack,
Which took the lives of hundred innocents

The kids were pure and innocent
‘Why’ seems a pointless question
I never expected the perpetrators will be such ill minded,
Omitting the precious lives as well as hopes and aspirations

No amount of solidarity will bring back their life
Who will erase the cry and agony of their parents
But we all are united to proclaim that,
We are there for them in the darkest moment.

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Sunday, 21 December 2014


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Dear Blog,

Today I'm going to share my visit in Toshali craft fair.

Toshali National craft mela is a unique showcase of spirits of rural area. This is a great platform for artists, painters, craft-men and weavers. Every year it comes in December and setting in the temple city Odisha 'Bhubaneswar'. This thirteen days long fair brings the opportunity for visitors to buy the exclusive creation of craft-men, artists, painters and weavers.

                                                                                          See you again Blog

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Friday, 19 December 2014

Heart Beat : Love diaries (#1)

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[A/N- I will be writing a series of short and love stories and it is the first story of that series. Hope you like it and share your thoughts in comment bellow.] 

Taking deep breaths, she pulled her mobile; surfed through the applications and opened the voice recorder. She needed to convert her emotions, happiness, sadness, darkness into sentences. It will be better this way, she thought to herself. She pressed the start button.

“We are sitting in the garden area now; you are completely lost in your music, unaware of me sitting in front of you. You must be wondering what I’m saying now? If you know, I don’t think you know about my feelings. We were classmates from kinder garden, but now we are from different worlds. You spend your days composing music while I spent my days reading machine and mechanics. Yes, I become an engineer.”

She attempted to smile, yet a lone tear slowly slithered down her cheek.

“I’ve noticed you for longer than I remember. I didn’t stalk you. I just happened to know you before your music career; we also were friends from our high school days. We weren't that close. I’ve always admired you for your bright and cheerful personality. But I never realized when my feelings changed; maybe it was after your first stage performance when girls roamed around you, jealousy had stung me.  I’ve attended your every concert in a hope to get near you. I’ve listened your every music a thousand times.”

She pressed her lips into a stern line and exhaled.

“Your music hurt me as much as when I thought of the girl, whom all those songs were written for. I don’t know who she is and what is she like? But I have to release my agony to get over you. So I decided to send you my confession through voice recorder.” 

Her heart squeezed around. It was telling her to spill out everything.

“I know you won’t take me seriously, but it’s my humble request, can you pretend not to hear anything? I will be always a number one fan and cherish your songs. You’re amazing and let your music guide you through your decisions. And... I love you.”

She pressed the end button, and sent the recording to him through Whatsapp. She felt so much relieved as she saw his phone beeped and he checked his phone. A moment passed and her heart started to beat wildly. 

He shifted from his position and marched towards her. “I’m sorry.” He said, with a fake smile which didn’t reach his eyes. He is sorry for my feeling, she thought to herself. “Actually, my speaker broke down yesterday. I saw you've sent an audio. Is it a song or did you say something in that?” She jerked at his sweet voice. “Huh?” was all she managed to say.

“Are you crying? Your eyes look puffy and red. What happened?” his dark brown eyes locked with hers. “No... Nothing...” She got up, grabbed her things from the bench and started to leave. Anger flashed in her eyes.

He caught her hand and pulled her back to him. “What are...” she was cut off in the mid sentence. “You don’t want to know who that girl is.” She jerked away from him and said, “Why would I care? It’s your life anyway.” She stopped; it means he heard my record.

He extended his hand and intertwined with hers. “That’s you!!! Stupid...” he pulled her into a bear hug and she hugged him back.

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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Vacation with my family

A vivid memory remind me that back in my childhood days, my papa used to travel a lot for business trip. Once he took me and mama with him to Delhi. I was a ten year old that time, but that vacation was one of the most memorable experience of my life, my favorite also.

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 Before one week of the trip papa announced our trip plan and the very first thing came to my mind was ‘wow, I will be travelling along with family.’ I jumped with joy and I was on cloud nine.
I can still remember how excited I was before our the train take off, after one and half day of the journey I really wanted to take off. After we got off the airplane, we rented a taxi and drove to my uncle’s house. My uncle’s house was in Noida sector 25,  after reaching there we unpacked our bags and freshen ourselves. That night we all went out for dinner. I ate so much that I could hardly move and once I got back to uncle’s house, I went straight to bed.

For the next couple of days we visited different tourist spots like Agra, Taj Mahal, Lal Killa, Lotus temple and Mathura. Out of which Taj Mahal was my favorite place. A small memory was there with Taj Mahal; I went there with my chocolate, but one police aunt threw my chocolate in a bin while checking my mama’s purse. I cried so loud for my chocolate being thrown away. Papa and uncle tried to soothe me but you know kids are so determined... But after seeing Taj Mahal I forgot all about my chocolate.

I even got lost in lotus temple and thanks to a kind lady I was able to find my family. That day, for the first time I saw the worries in the face of my parents. My mama was even crying, so I also cried.
During our vacation one day we had our lunch at a Dhaba. Till now That was my first and last time in a Dhaba. I also went to a nearby park, where I played in the roller coaster and ate ice-creams. Like that my vacation came to an end, but before we left, we had visited shopping malls to shop some gifts for everyone. After we bought everything, we left for home.

You all must be wondering why that was my favorite trip up to now. The first thing is that was my first trip with my family. I can never think of a time in my life where I had a vacation that made me so happy. There wasn't any dull moment, I was a kid back so energy and enthusiasm never left me alone and most importantly, what made the trip even greater was the fact that I was able to spend time with my parents and uncle.

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You can visit the website of Teddy Travelogues Here.

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Monday, 15 December 2014

FEAR: The worst enemy of our life

I have seen the videos of mountain dew several times on television. But what caught my eye was its tag line, “Darr ke age jeet hai” in English Victory over your fear. You can visit their Facebook page.  It always have inspired me and when I saw the topic of “Indi-happy hours!”, I decided to write about it. Here I’m sharing a story of a little girl.

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A seven year old cute little girl was over excited to perform on the stage; she had prepared so hard for the completion. That day she practiced her performance for the final time before wearing her costume. Her mom applied a little make up on her face.

The anchor announced her name and she got up to the stage. She took her position and the music started. She moved her body with according to the rhythm of the music. She saw many gazes were rested on her, and suddenly nervousness engulfed her. She started to shiver and eventually forgot her steps. Some people started to laugh at her feebleness. Her vision got blurry with tears. That night she cried her heart out. Her mom and dad tried to soothe her, but nothing worked out.

That day remained a nightmare for her, for the next couple of years. It was difficult for her to face people after that incident. She became an introvert person, started to hate attention and liked to be a wallflower at parties. She was shy and quiet, she was always the back benches of her school and no one talked to her unless they needed something from her.

 One day she decided to win over her fear. She never wanted that life, but that happened to her. She held her pen and paper, then made a list of ‘What to do’. She also explored the internet to find her answer. She tried several weird methods;  singing aloud in a park or open area, greet to each and every person she met, changed her hair style and a new makeover. But nothing worked out, she needed that inspiration to let out her fear.

Then she got that inspiration. She came to know that to disclose the fear, she has to face it. And the most important thing she thought that “her personality has nothing to do with her fear.” She kept her positive attitude towards life and now she is able to overcome it.

That little girl was me, who had a sever people-facing-phobia. If you would ask me "What is the definition of fear?" Then my answer would be “Fear is not real. It is a thought and our imagination causing us to fear things, that don’t even exist.”

If you would ask me “How did you overcome it?” Then my answer would be “ Believe me It was never easy but I had to take the initiative. I tried this, when I was nervous I started to laugh and sometimes I heard music. I had to stop over thinking about any situation. Over thinking can convert a minor fear to a major fear.”

If you would ask me “ What was your source of inspiration?” Then my answer would be “The first thing inspired me was a book name ‘you can win’ by Shiv Khera. The second source was my parents, who supported me and helped me in every possible way. The third source was my willingness.”

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Some of my favorite quotes on fear:-    
“Do one thing, that scares you.”
“Darr ke age Jeet hai.” (English translates- “Take the risk, because victory lies over fear.”)  

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Tuesday, 9 December 2014


I’m writing this post for IndiBlogger IndiSpire (Edition 42). The topic is to list 10 things to dump in 2015.

I consider life as a book. I’m the protagonist (antagonist) of my book. Recently I’m in my 20th chapter, and in the New Year I will soon start my 21st chapter.  Up to now my life has been amazing with my family, friends, society, college, writing and blog. But I need to let some things go. It’s not like the New Year resolution.
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The New Year is considered as ‘a chance to start fresh again’. Below ten things are my list, things I want to change. If I work on ten percentages of these things, then I think I can move one step further.

1-            In this New Year the very first thing I want to dump is my ego and going to call all my friends from my contact list for wishing them.

2-            Second thing I want to dump my laziness. I have my semester, classes, projects, exams and seminars attain. But still sometimes I’m too lazy to even open my blog. So I need to be regular in my blog post. I will give more time towards my passion i.e. blogging.

3-            Third thing I want to dump is my pickiness. I always pick veggies from my food.  I’m quite choosy in case of food also. I will try to increase my veggie limit.

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4-            Ohh.. GOD what if I look bad in this cloth or I think she hates me or I think I will get a back in this subject... The fourth thing is my pessimism. I think I’m a little pessimist.

5-            Fifth thing is I want to dump my shyness. I’m a little shy while talking to someone. I’m also not an initiator of the conversation.

6-            Sixth thing is my over thinking capability. Sometimes I over think about a situation, which leads to emotional disturbance and that also, hamper my mental peace.

7-            Seventh thing I’m going to dump is my prediction.  You must be thinking what is this prediction thing? I always predict the result and sometimes my friends get irritated with this because sometimes it happens (my predictions are never good as I’m a pessimist).

8-            Eighth thing I’m going to dump is the older me; who is not emotionally stable, who can’t take her decision, who is not brave and who is afraid to take a stand.

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9-            Ninth thing I’m going to dump is some past memory. There is a saying that “You can’t restart the new chapter of your life, if you keep looking at the last chapter.”  I want to forget all the difficult, agonizing and hurtful moments of my past but I will take the good and mesmerizing moments for the future through my present. 
10-          Last but not the least I’m going to dump is my blog design and layout. I will try to redecorate my blog in the New Year as my blog will complete its first year.

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Saturday, 6 December 2014


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December, 1992

He was nervous and anxious; just like any guys before engagement night. He flew from Mumbai to Delhi today by taking five days leave from his office. The only problem was neither he nor she had met each other before. He had seen her in a photo wearing beautiful yellow saree. He had practiced so many times, how he will approach her tomorrow. He had to prepare well for tomorrow, to impress her.

[The next day]

He had stood in the center of the hall surrounded by his and her family members, waiting for her arrival. There she came gracefully with a smiling face. She started to greet everyone and eventually came in front of him. It was difficult for him to keep his eye out of her. “You look beautiful.” he complimented and their eye met for some seconds before she made her gaze down shyly. That day they exchanged rings and after the ring ceremony they took the blessings from elders.

The event ended that day.  Several months passed by and the day came, he was eagerly waiting for. After the marriage ceremony he came to his room where she was waiting for him. They sat next to each other; “Do you want to say something?” he broke the silence. “Hmm... What can I say?”She replied shyly. For the next couple of minutes they talked about themselves; their likes, dislikes, views and all that, never noticed when the minutes turned into hours.

“Can I ask you something?” She said with an innocent face. “Yes... Sure” He met his gaze with her. “You looked much better in the photo with a clean shave, but I haven’t seen you like that apart from that photo. But it’s your choice so I’m fine with it.” He suddenly disappeared from her vision leaving her in utter shock. When she was regretting for saying such things, he rushed towards her with a clean shave face. “Now I’m looking fine?”  He asked with a concerned look. She was too shocked to say something, and then a lovely smile came across her face. “Yes, dear... Now you look handsome.”

P.s. - After that day my dad always keeps a clean shave face. Oops... It’s a fiction with a little inspiration from my parents.....

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Suggested topics for females:
An instance when a stubble came in the way of a man’s chance to make a good impression.
An instance when a well groomed look ensured that they struck gold on an opportunity given to them.

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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Prince Charming and Cinderella

The sun goes down,
the stars come out,
And all that counts
To here and now,
My universe will never be the same,
I'm glad you came.

I love fairy tales; I wish to be Cinderella one day.

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