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About the Book:
16-year-old Aurora Darlington is an orphan. Mistreated by her adopted family and bullied at school, she dreams of running away and being free. But when she is kidnapped and dragged through a portal into a magical world, suddenly her old life doesn’t seem so bad.

Avalonia is a dangerous land ruled by powerful mages and a cruel, selfish queen who will do anything to control all seven kingdoms—including killing anyone who stands in her way. Thrust headlong into this new, magical world, Aurora’s arrival sets plans in motion that threaten to destroy all she holds dear.

With the help of a young fae, a magical pegasus, and a handsome mage, Aurora journeys across Avalonia to learn the truth about her past and unleash the power within herself. Kingdoms collide as a complicated web of political intrigue and ancient magic lead Aurora to unravel a shocking secret that will change her life forever. 

My Review:

‘The last of the Firedrakes’ is the first installation of ‘Avalonia Chronicles’ series. This story hooked me from the first chapter. The author has come up with a great storyline alone with strong characters. The author has a way with the words; she took me to a world full of fantasies and weird creatures. I want to applaud for the author’s imaginative power and she created that imaginary world with her words. The plot of the story was simple yet compelling.

In the beginning of the story I found Aurora as a weak character but my impression changed with the progression of the story. I admired her as well as liked her for her ability of handling a situation. Apart from Aurora I have fallen for Rafe; he is a mysterious mage who has importance in Aurora’s life. I also liked Snow, kalen and Erin.

I’m highly impressed with the author’s crisp writing style. She hasn’t exaggerated any scene; all the scenes were written appropriately. The only problem was if I were a little younger, I would’ve enjoyed the book much more.

I loved reading this book and rooting more for Rafe and Aurora. I’m eagerly waiting for the next books on this series. This book is highly recommended to all fantasy readers. I will give this 4 out of 5 stars for the book itself; fantasy, adventure and romance all wrapped into a single unit.

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World of Avalonia

Read an Excerpt:

Chapter 3

For a second that felt like a lifetime, everything stopped; I felt like I was floating in nothingness. Then I blinked, and, when I finally opened my eyes and focused again through the tears, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.
I found myself standing at the mouth of a small cave situated on a hill and overlooking a quiet, moonlit valley. On my left, a dark forest stretched out as far as the eye could see, treetops glistening silver in the light of the full moon. The hills around us undulated into wildflower-filled meadows that lay sleeping in the dewy night.
Far down in the valley, I could see a little village, its lights twinkling in the distance. To my right, a waterfall splashed playfully into a small river that ran down into a lake, next to which the little village was built. The moon here was fuller and larger than I had ever seen it, and the night sky was awash with a fantastic array of glittering stars.
Had I passed through the tapestry? Where was I?
I looked around, disbelief clouding my judgment. I was still trying to get my bearings after that strange moment when I had been inside the tapestry and nowhere at the same time. It gave me a funny feeling, as though I had been lifted out of my own consciousness and then put back into my body.
A warm breeze brushed past my face and played with my hair. Gone were the cloudy grey mist and the cold, nipping wind of the English countryside. I drew in a sharp breath—the air was crisp and clear, sweet smelling, and fresh. The moonlit valley was filled with fruit trees, wildflowers, and rolling meadows.
“How did we come here? Where are we?” I asked, still confused.
“You really are ignorant,” said Oblek, glancing at me. “I take it your uncle didn’t tell you anything?”
I shook my head and looked down. Oblek had tied my hands with a rope he had with him while I was still dazed and looking around. It was humiliating, and the rough ropes cut into my wrists, rubbing them raw every time he pulled me forward.
I had to find some way out of this. And, at the moment, the only thing I could do was discover more about where I was. Then, when I got an opportunity, I could escape and find my way back up to the cave on the hill, where we had arrived out of the tapestry.
But then what?
Christopher was probably dead, and Aunt Arianna would doubtless blame me for everything since I had disappeared at the same time. I had no idea what to do. I didn’t really want to go back, and, now that my adoptive parents were dead, I had nothing to return to.
I was starting to panic. I had nowhere to go, and my mind was imagining an array of horrible outcomes of my kidnapping. My palms had become sweaty, and my racing heart was thundering in my chest as I half-walked and half-ran, desperately trying to keep up with Oblek’s giant strides.
“Why are you doing this?” I pleaded with my kidnapper.
But Lord Oblek said nothing. He didn’t even look at me. He just kept walking ahead and dragging me along behind him, with no more explanations as to what he was planning to do with me.
I was terrified, and I had no idea if I was going to survive this. But I tried to be brave. Maybe I could talk my way out of this?
“You do know that this is called kidnapping?” I said, trying to reason with Oblek.
He didn’t bother to answer.
“What will happen to me now?” I squeaked, my voice breaking, as I tried not to cry.
“Queen Morgana will decide what is to be done with you,” said Oblek, finally.
Queen Morgana! The woman from my dream? It was not possible that this, too, was a coincidence. It must be the same Morgana, the one who had tried to kill my real mother.
Who the hell was she?
Suddenly all of this seemed extremely scary. I hoped that I was still dreaming and that there was no way I had actually traveled through a magical tapestry into some strange land. It all seemed very exciting in books. But actually being kidnapped and then hauled around like an animal, traveling deep into a land I knew nothing about, was not my idea of fun.
I had to get away from this horrible man, and fast.

About the Author:
For Farah Oomerbhoy, writing is a passion and reading her solace. She is a firm believer in the fantastic and magical, and often dreams of living in Narnia, Neverland, or the Enchanted Forest.
When she was pregnant with her first child ten years ago, a story popped into her head she could not ignore. “I was at my grandmother’s house, and as I looked at the image of a beautiful forest with a castle in the distance on a tapestry hanging on the wall, I imagined myself being whisked away into another world,” she said. It was at that moment the world of Avalonia, with its powerful mages and fae and the evil Queen Morgana, was born. Farah Oomerbhoy’s debut novel, The Last of the Firedrakes, was released in the summer of 2015.

Farah lives with her husband and three children in their family home in Mumbai, India. She has a Master’s degree in English Literature from the University of Mumbai. Her first novel is The Last of the Firedrakes, Book 1 of the Avalonia Chronicles.
Contact Farah:

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Book Blurb :

A new series from award winning Author, C.R. Richards: The epic tale of two men begins. The first - a man of honor trying desperately to turn his country from civil war. The other - a boy struggling to discover his destiny before agents of evil find him first.

Coveted by two ancient enemies of a long forgotten age, the continent of Andara holds the key to victory in an endless struggle for dominance. Eight hundred years have passed since the god-like Jalora struck a bargain with the first King of Valdeon. The Lion Ring, symbol of the covenant and conduit of power, gives its bearer incredible abilities. The ring's borrowed magic protects the people of Andara from covetous evil, but there is a price. As with most predators, the Lion Ring must feed. Only the blood of the D'Antoiné family line will satisfy its hunger.

A rival for Andara's treasures, the Sarcion has waited impatiently for its time upon the land. Whispers of treason in the right ear aid its treachery. The King of Valdeon mysteriously disappears, leaving his lands in danger of a civil war by the hand of a murderous usurper. His Lion Ring is lost and the covenant is broken. The Jalora's power begins to seep away from the land. Evil's foot hold grows stronger. Can the Lords of Valdeon, Sacred Guard of the covenant, stop the tides of war? Or will Andara fall into chaos? The future rests in the blood of a boy...

My Review :

C.R.Richards is an amazing writer. Though the prologue will leave you in little confusion but after some chapters the story has catches its pace. At first impression it won’t catch your eye but after some chapters it will hook you till the end with its suspense. This book has lots of description and character development. But I think those are necessary elements to grasp a clearer view of every scene.  I wished the women characters have more priority in this book because they are strong and standalone.

The author’s writing is promising; some situations are written wonderfully while some with little bewildering. The author hasn’t exaggerated things but I think the prologue was different than the chapters.  

The starting of the series (‘Heart of the warrior’) is amazing and my expectations are high for upcoming books in this series. I would recommend it to those, who love to read historical politics intrigue and slide shades of fantasy and action. My rating is 3.75 stars out of 5 for its nice plot and great character development.  

About the Author :

C. R. Richards is the award winning author of The Mutant Casebook Series. Her literary career began as a part-time columnist for a small entertainment newspaper. She wore several hats: food critic, entertainment reviewer and cranky editor. A lover of horror and dark fantasy stories, she enjoys telling tales of intrigue and adventure. Her most recent literary projects include the horror short story, Lost Man's Parish and the newly released novel length dark fantasy thriller, Pariah. She is an active member of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers and Horror Writers Association.

P.s.- I was the given the copy of the book in exchange of an honest review. 


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During my eleventh standard I met my first crush. He was the most charming boy in my class, whereas I was the shy girl; with my big glass, braces on my teeth. At the first meeting I felt drawn towards him, I never realized when the mere infatuation turned into intense feeling. I always stalked him on Facebook, never miss a single chance to give comment on his status and photos. I changed my optional computer to biology because he was in biology class.

With my only friend's advise I wrote a letter to him confessing my love for him, but I didn’t mention my name in that letter. The letter circled the whole class, but couldn’t reach at him that day. The next day when he read that letter, I was desperately waiting for his reactions. After reading it, he laughed a little and announced, “So many grammatical errors! ‘Dwelling’ and ‘envious’ spellings are also wrong.” Everybody joined with his laugh. I felt broken, he could’ve seen my feelings instead he saw the grammatical mistakes.

 I didn’t lose my hope. I drew my inspiration from that and started to study hard just to gain his attention. My grades improved as well as my friend circles. But still I failed to attract his attention. I thought he only talked with pretty girls. And I got another inspiration. I decided for a makeover; I removed my braces and glass. I was wearing glasses because I thought it would make me look studious. I got a new hair cut. For the first time I thought I was looking pretty.

The next day I got many complements about my new looks and boys started to notice me. But he walked past me without giving me a second glance. I turned to see him talking with the music club members. So I thought he talked with popular students.

There I decided to join a club and participate in some activities. That was my third inspiration, I joined the dance club. Dance and art are the two things I’m good at. I practiced a lot and won several competitions, I was even chosen as the president of the dance club. But I was yet to receive any attention from him.

The days passed by and on the last day of my twelfth board exam I decided to face him. But due to lack of my confidence I couldn’t, that night I revealed every truth about my feelings and that letter. The next thing I know he blocked me from his account. That was the last time I saw him. That moment made me optimistic about life. Rejection is one critical part of life but I converted that rejection into optimism.  

During my school days I have seen many ups and downs; I have swallowed many rejections from him and always found my inspirations from that rejection. The impact of those rejections were great; I gained my confidence because of him. He remained as a vivid memory in my life. I came to know some great things like ‘not every story has a happy ending.’ And ‘rejections can be taken positively.’ He converted me to an optimistic person.


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Anwi cleared her voice and peeked through the curtains to grasp the clear view of audience. Nervousness was mounting over her. She couldn’t find her mother among the crowd.  She looked towards the other contestants; practicing and looking confident enough to steal the show.

The host entered the stage with a smiley face. “Welcome to the 2015 annual state level music competition. Thousands of contestants had sent their music videos. But only twenty got selected by our judges. Those talented singers are going to perform today.”  Anwi’s heart pounded rapidly with the anchor’s voice. She glanced at her sweaty palms and released the breath she was holding till now. The prizes were huge for the winner but Anwi didn’t care for the trophy, all did she want is to prove herself. The host continued to introduce all the judges and sponsors of the show.

Anwi had been learning classical and Hindustani music since the age of four. She never dared to take part in any of the competitions. Her music teacher adored her and constantly advised her to take part in some music contests.  Six months ago when Anwi was in standard eight, decided to take part in inter school music competition. She went for an audition but never got the chance to showcase her talent. Her home room teacher shooed her by saying music is not your cup of tea and don’t waste our time. Being a shy and introvert person she left that place with teary eyes. She vowed to prove her teacher wrong and make her own way. One day she read an article in the new paper about 2015 annual state level music competition. She recorded her voice and sent it to their official website. After two weeks, she got a call about her being selected in top 20.

Four students had already performed and now it was her turn. She was panting nervously when the host called her to the stage. She took her place and adjusted the microphone. Her gaze met with the audience and she got blank for few seconds. The music started to play and she fumbled in her voice. She noticed some were controlling their laughter, some judges nodded disapprovingly and some people had disappointment look written over their faces. She closed her eyes and took deep breaths. She remember her purpose for this music competition. She started her song and ended it with everyone praising and giving her standing ovation.  She didn’t win the competition as many contestants sang better than her. But she was satisfied with her performance.

The next day everyone was talking about her including her teacher, who didn’t give her opportunity at that time. She found her picture in school notice board’s talent search column. Her intention was to prove her teacher wrong but that changed when she realized that she also hadn’t tried hard to get into any competitions. Her lips curved into a smile and she whispered, “The music competition was important for me.”

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Reading novels, Watching movies and series are my escapades.  I have watched hundred or more movies and came across numerous characters. Few characters leave a deep imprint on our soul. Some characters put across thoughtfully and colorfully that makes them look realistic. I have fallen for some characters and some make me frustrated as well as disgusted at the same time. Some characters leave an impact in our life while some vanish from our memory with passing time. I have come across some peppy and energetic characters from Bollywood movies; they have secured their positions in my heart.  

Geet from ‘Jab We Meet’
She is one of my most favorite characters till now. Geet was known for her carefree attitude. She knows how to get her work done. She believes in taking risks and loves to speak her heart out, even though no one listens. According to Geet if you feel like talking, you should continue not caring much about the audience. The most amazing fact is she her favorite person. I love her dialog like ‘Life is my favorite game.’, ‘we’ll tell our stories to our children.’, ‘I’m my all time favorite’ and much more.

Auro in ‘Paa’
He is one of the most peppy and chirpy character. He had a disease that caused him to age rapidly, representing him an old man. Still he always keeps up a smiling face and talks with humor. He never blames life for being so cruel to him rather made himself matured enough to fight with it. He is a thoughtful person and helped in his parent’s reunion.

Rancho in ‘3 Idiots’
He loves to live a carefree life.  He has his own way to prove his point right. His constant mumbling ‘All is well’ makes you believe in him. His sweet mischief makes him more adorable.  He lives like there is no tomorrow. He is always cheerful, making everyone happy no matter how bad the situation or life is.

Bhaskor Banerjee in ‘Piku’
He might remind you any of your relatives, constantly nagging about everything. He lives with a box full of homeopathic medicines and the color, quality and quantity of his ‘motion’. He loves her daughter but never display it publicly. He is a conservative Bengali, who always fights with his daughter but sings Bengali songs along with his daughter.  

They are on my top list of favorite characters. Apart from them I loved Ram and Leela from ‘Ramleela’ movie; though their families were sworn enemies they dare to love each other and live their fullest. Anjali from ‘Kuch kuch hota hai’ movie; she played two personalities in that movie. I liked the immature one, tom boyish style Anjali. He cared for her best friend and started to grow feelings for him. I loved her fights with her best friend and her concluding every quarrel with ‘Na na na na’ teasing. Bunny from ‘yeh jawani hai deewani’ is also on my favorite list.

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“Music is my soul mate. Without music I’m nothing than a mere person. I’m already married to music and I don’t want anyone in my life.” Parul answered stubbornly. Ajit tilted his head in one direction and gulped a sip of his coffee. “I see. Parul, this is too much. Uncle and aunt are worried about you so do I. Why do you keep refusing all the proposals? I get it that you love music. That doesn’t mean you won’t think about your future. You have to marry one day.” She had been avoiding that question for so long. She didn’t want to marry someone now. Her heart was broken once and she can’t take the risk again.

She never had a chance to confess her love towards Ajit. They were childhood friends. They parted at the age of seventeen due to Ajit’s higher studies in foreign. They vowed to meet again and in his absence she realized her love for him, ever since she waited for the return of him. She loved to scribble some poems in her free time. During those days she started to compose some of her poems. Her waiting came to an end when Ajit came to meet her after ten years. And one evening he confessed he had a girlfriend. Parul realized Ajit always considered her as a dear friend.  Heartbroken Parul went on depression for several days.

One morning she took her diary and penned all her emotions in form of poems. She won several contests and slowly gained the attention of audience. She got a chance to compose music in an album. That year the album became a huge hit. She stepped into Bollywood industry. Now-a-days Parul is one of the top most music composer and writer in Bollywood industry. Music was always a great distraction for her. Till now also she hadn’t collected herself to think of marriage. She was yet to let go of the memories of Ajit. Now her parents had sent him to convince her for a marriage proposal.

A thought came to her mind, “This is ridiculous. Once upon a time I dreamed about marrying you and now you came to me asking why I don’t want to marry?” A gentle squeeze on her hand brought her back from her thought. “Parul, I think you are worried about your career. You can continue it after marriage. Ria and I are happily married couple. Just give it a try.” Ajit’s gaze didn’t leave her.

That moment her heart wanted to scream “Only if you had understood me back then. I had waited for you so long but you came to me with your life partner. Life can’t be so cruel with me. I have found my harmony in music and I can’t handle more traumas. You laughed at me when I told you music is my soul mate. You can’t imagine the impact of music in my life. I’m begging you, don’t force me now.” A drop of tear slithered down her cheek. His look transformed into concern, “I didn’t mean to force you. It’s your choice and I’ll respect it.” She forced a smile and replied, “I need some time.”

They leave the cafe after spending some time gossiping about their childhood days. On her way back Parul thought, “You found your love of life and I discovered my passion for music. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have realized the impact of music in my life.”  


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I got my graduation degree on 2015. My last days at college were awesome; I felt a lot of emotions at a same time like departing from friends, missing my college days and the fun at being in college, excited about my future and worried about my future planning. I got my offer letter at the end of April during my eight semester exam. I joined the company on May. I had started my journey with lots of enthusiasm and questions in my mind. I was one of few lucky fellows who got their friends as their room-mates. I was stunned to see the campus; the buildings were too large that my eyes couldn’t reach. The surroundings were too clean that you can’t find a drop of dust and our extra facility rooms that looked like five-star hotel rooms.  

I had never been away from my home before but I had to spend five months in that campus away from my family. The first thing I learned there is to control my emotions over small matters. That gave impact to my personality and helped me to be a strong person.  During our exam times I had to work hard to avoid the fear of termination. First time I realized, during my school and college days I invested money to read hard but I didn’t try hard, while during my training time I was paid money to study and I gave my hundred percent  to studies. That made me learn another thing, without hard work you can’t achieve your goal. That had impact on me to be a better person and taught me the importance of money in one's life.

traveled to Coorg with my friends. On our way we headed to an adventure park. Personally I’m not a big fan of adventures, but that day my friends forced me to try skydiving. After so many refusals I finally gave up and tried that. It felt so amazing to fly like a bird. That moment I learned to live each and every moment of your life without caring much about future and face your fears to overcome it instead of running away. Every day is not a happy one; some are sad, some are painful, some are stressful and some are boring. I joined my posting location and got my project after the waiting for about one n half months. During that time I learned to become patience. And after getting my project I had learned to balance both my professional life as well as my personal life.  I resumed my blogging after joining the office.

Small incidents taught me great things and had impact highly on my lifestyle. The year 2015 helped me to become mature enough to handle any kind of situations. Now I’m looking forward to 2016 to see what it will impact on my lifestyle.

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Friday, 15 January 2016


Dear Me,

Happy birthday. I’m happy to have you as my companion. You have seen different shades of me and none other than you know my darkest secrets. You have acknowledged the real me. So this birthday I have decided to give you a gift from my heart.

  • Don’t you realize you’re unique, though you always try hard to be different?
  • Don’t you grasp the fact that you have a set of fans and followers? You cherish them as much as they love you.
  • Don’t you always wonder ‘how I’m looking?’ But dear, your confidence and personality doesn’t rely on your beauty. You are one of the prettiest girl by heart.
  • Don’t ever think that you’re leading an aimless life because you are the sole believer of ‘everything happens for a reason.’
  • Don’t be insecure as I’m always with you in your ups and downs.

You have strived every day to be a better person than yesterday, to always show kindness. I appreciate that. You know how to smile in your toughest situations, not to reveal your real emotions in front of others. I salute that. You feel excited over small things and sometimes talk like a kid. I adore that. You cry like a baby and sometimes seek little attention. I laugh at that. You always get ready to click some selfies and love to spend time in front of mirror. I admire that.

Remember one thing no matter what, I love you always.


From,                                                                                                                                                             your companion in solitude


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Saturday, 9 January 2016

MY 2015 TALE

source: Google Image

2015 was a big year for me. I graduated from college and immediately got my offer letter to join the company. That year helped me to become responsible, workaholic and mature. My story started with my journey with my family in train with lots of enthusiasm and question in my mind. My close friend was also traveling with her family in the same train. Together we stepped into company campus with offer letter in our hand. We waited patiently for our turn to get the keys of our new room. And with luck we both turned out to be room-mates. We entered our new room, jumped, hugged each other tightly and with over excitement together we broke my cupboard. We explored the campus, till we got shoe bites. With each passing days our friendship got stronger and we started to see each other in different eyes.

I got new friends from my generic (before getting into a domain) class and got some fan followers as well. My enjoyment soon came to an end when my first exam date arrived. The exams were not like my college exams and there was always the fear of failing. I studied hard and learned a lesson that you can’t dream with open eyes without any hard work. One of my wish got fulfilled when I traveled with my friends to Coorg. I felt brave when my room-mate and I explored the city Bangalore for the first time. I had to parted from my generic friends as I promoted to stream (when you assign to a domain) class. Again I made new set of friends and got habituated to the panic attacks before exams.

My days went on feeling the happiness on getting result, feeling the power of freedom, chitchatting with friends at mid night and playing pranks on my friends. All that came to an end when my room-mate got her posting location, while I got re-skill (that means they will teach you another domain) and that meant I had to spend one month extra without her. I remember those days when one by one my friends started to depart the campus and I went to see-off them. I wept silently for days alone in my room. That was when I realized how much dependent I had become on my room-mate.

There is a say that happy days are coming and that happened exactly, I started to enjoy my re-skill days though the study was not a successful one. Finally, the day arrived for which I along with 89 other re-skill trainees waited, our release date. I was on cloud nine because first I hadn’t met my family for about six months and second my room-mate and I got the same posting location. I returned home as soon as possible leaving Mysore behind and keeping all the sweet and sour memories in my heart.

Those were the golden months of my life when I laughed, wept, had my break down, enjoyed to my fullest, bunked classes, studied hard, celebrated birthdays, struggled to survive, shopped my heart out, saw the ups and downs, felt the gain and loss, experienced the fear of failing and learned to be independent. 2015 is one of the best years for me. If I stand in front of mirror, I see a matured me.

I’m sharing my #TalesOf2015 with BlogAdda.

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There are two important mantras for my golden morning; one is getting enough sleep and second is having a proper morning time with my family. Maintaining proper sleeping hour is compulsory in my daily schedule. Being in IT sector I have to spend 11-12 hours in office in front of my desktop, which makes me dull and tired. So, I try to get all the things done within 11 pm for my proper sleep, things like having my dinner, brushing my teeth and reading something before sleeping.

Those days were long gone, when I used to get up late and hurried towards my college in order not to miss my bus. Back then I liked those days when I lead a carefree life not knowing how to use my morning time. But now morning time is my favorite time as morning shows a new start of the day leaving yesterday behind. My morning starts at 6 pm by hearing mama's prayer, but I always pretend to sleep just to listen mama's ‘good morning'. Then, I get a ‘good morning kiss' from mama which leaves a smile on my lips making me forget all the tension and worries of yesterday and making mood lighten up instantly. After that, I march to brush my teeth with Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold toothbrush. It's quite soft and it can explore every corner of my mouth efficiently. Brushing makes me feel active and fresh. I rush towards the balcony to get the sight of bright sun rays. I love to watch the morning brightness of the sun.  Then I go for my morning coffee. While I prepare coffee for everyone by that time my sister and papa also wake up. Together we four have our coffee and our chitchat last for 15-20 minutes. I devote my half an hour in creative writing and after that, I get ready for office.

I love those fifteen minutes in the morning when all four of us laugh out loud listening some jokes from my sister, discussing some matters and seeking each other's opinion. Within some time my family  and I transform our morning into gold morning and blast the world with its brightness and richness.    

This is my gold morning mantra (#Colgate360GoldMornings )and share how you convert your good morning to gold morning. 

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