Saturday, 3 June 2017


Dear B Bhai,

I hope things are going good for you. You've already found the right path towards your career. I'm really sorry for being late to write this letter. But, no more complains as I wrote it already in my diary.

Well, my first impression of you was quite normal. I thought, you're a person with normal lifestyle and you don't talk much with people apart from your friend circle. That impression changed when I moved near your cubicle and became your cube-mate. I really admire your jolly personality and appreciate your patience, which you had after going through such a difficult phase.

I'll really miss our fun-fights, your lollipop acting and your all mimicries. When you'll return to us as a manager, please don't forget to shower us good ratings. :P We'll definitely bribe you chicken lollipop. Lastly, our team will miss you and hope to see you on your marriage. :P


your cube-mate, who'll bribe you chicken lollipop in future. :P


This is the fifth letter in "Letter To Past" series. I won't be exposing the names, to whom I'm writing. 


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Sunday, 21 May 2017


Hello All, 

I'm here once again with another DIY project. This weekend I was organizing the rejected clothes, while a particular shirt caught my eye. I thought let's do something from that. So.... I converted my papa's old Shirt to my off shoulder top. 

Below are the steps for making it. Hope you enjoy it and share your thoughts on the comment section.

Materials you'll be needing:

  • An old men's shirt (larger is better. Here, I've taken the Large size) 
  • Scissors 
  • Tailoring chalk
  • Elastic band
  • Sewing machine
  • Measuring tape

Materials you'll be needing

Steps for making :

  • Hold the shoulders of the shirt and fold it in half and also fold the sleeves as shown in below picture. Most importantly, make sure to leave at least one or two inches distance from the armhole. 

  • Mark a straight line using tailoring chalk as shown in the below picture. I've taken 5 inch distance from the shoulder. 

  • Cut he marked straight line using scissor. Take out the button near cut area, if any present. When you'll open the shirt, it'll make some angle around the sleeve area.You need to cut that part in a straight line also. 

  • Now, you've to make a fold and secure it with pins or you can directly stitch also. The fold should be the combination of a small  fold and rotate that small fold to make a big fold so that the elastic can be inserted easily. I've used a sewing machine to stitch. But, you can sew it  by hand also.

Mama helped me little in sewing  the arm area  :D

  • Take the measuring tape and measure the shoulder around, which was 38 Inch in my case. So, we'll take the length of the elastic as 30 Inch. Take a safety pin and insert the elastic into the hole which we made from the stitching. 

  • After inserting the elastic, stitch the two ends of the elastic. Adjust the material as per your convenience. Now, your off shoulder top is ready. I've styled it with a belt. You can wear it without any belt also.  

My final look


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Sunday, 23 April 2017


I'm finally back to blogging world with some DIY projects. I always wanted to explore my creative side. One of my friend inspired me by opening her own channel (You, I and DIY). So, my first project was to reuse my old jean.

I'm inspired this idea from this Video.

[P.S. I've not explained the steps. Let me know, if you want me to explain it.]

Raw materials #beforescenes

Now, Tada.... My makeup pouch...



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Thursday, 2 February 2017


"Once app-mates, will become strangers with some memories... "


Pic Courtesy : Google

Dear AP,

I wish you luck for your future. May GOD shower you all the happiness you deserve and may you taste the flavor of success in your career line. I always wanted to write a letter for you. Now, I got a chance. Don’t worry this is not a complain letter.

My first impression of you was not so high, I smiled at you and you simply ignored me... Yes, and after that I thought you’re full of attitudes. That impression vanished slowly in our first team party. I’ve always said this that you’re efficient in your work but little lack in social skills. So as usual I made the effort for building our friendship. Here, we’re good friends now (I guess!!!)

You inspired me to go in the path of my dreams and take risks. But, I’m not as courageous as you. I know, it’ll take some time for me to be a rebel. I wanted to say you this from last three months. ‘Lucky are those people, who follow their passion. So you’re lucky’ People always leave some imprint on my mind, you've also left some. 

You’re one of my favorite mentors and you’ll be. Our team will miss you for sure. Please stay in contact and don’t keep grudges for any of my activities. (:P)

Lastly, study well and Farewell my moody friend...


An app-mate, who will become stranger...


This is the fourth letter in "Letter To Past" series. I won't be exposing the names, to whom I'm writing. 


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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

MY DIARY (#11)

Source: Google Image

Dear Blog,

It's been a while, so I wanted to say 'Hello'. I went to watch the movie 'Dear Zindagi', starrer Alia Bhatt and Shahrukh Khan. The movie is rooted around a girl (Alia Bhatt) with her troubled life. You can correlate her problems with your own problems or you must have seen someone alike in your family. She came across a psychologist(Shahrukh  Khan), where she finds the turning point of her life.

I had never expected such matured acting from Alia Bhatt. The way she acted after her break up, showing her insecurities, not expressing herself much and showing all the trauma from her childhood. Shahrukh  was the best choice for the role of the psychologist, as his charisma was needed to deliver the 'gyan' about life in a cooler manner. I wish to watch more women centered movies in Bollywood.

"Don't let your torturous  past cover your present to ruin your beautiful future."

The movie is deep with thought provoking philosophies and crisp humor. This movie will make you ponder as a parent, whether you've done some injustice towards your child. This movie will make you wonder, whether you've any special memories from childhood.

"Sometimes we choose difficult paths to achieve our dreams. but, what is the point of taking such decisions when we're not ready to face the consequences."
So true... Even I came across such points in my life, where I had taken difficult decisions, thinking that it's the only way out. The consequences of those decisions all went vein.
"If you want to receive the love of life, then learn to love your life first."
I thoroughly follow the above line, I love my life in spite of  it's roller coaster ride and all the surprises. I consider me as my favorite person in the world.

Now, I know what you want to ask... And my answer is 'Yes, I missed you blog... I missed you so much... It was hard to rekindle with writing after a long break. But, after watching 'Dear Zindagi' I've decided to meet you first... '

                                                                                                                            See you again blog...


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Saturday, 26 November 2016


P.S :- I recieved this book in exchange of an honest review.

Book Blurb:

In a world contaminated by greed and politics, the line between right and wrong can get blurred.Tom is a high-tech genius leading a successful software start-up. An unforeseen financial crisis nearly spells doom for his company. When an unexpected $6 million contract is offered, he and Judy, the shrewd CEO, jump on it. As things turned out, that might not have been such a good idea.

Mystery, romance, and political intrigue in a sophisticated thriller that will leave you breathless. A series of unexplained events forces Tom to deal with deception, death, love, and loyalty. Sharon, Tom's wife, disappears. His company is at stake. His country stands on the brink of war. With his family and business in ruins, he is drawn into the shadowy realm of espionage and conspiracy, where ambiguity is the only rule, and where he can trust no one.

A suspenseful glimpse into the mysterious secrets of the cyber world.With a blistering pace and an inimitable cast of engaging characters, Incidental Hero grips the reader's heart and mind, and will have you turning pages well into the night.

Grab your copy of Incidental Hero now!

My Review:

This is my first read from the author. but, after completing this I'll definitely read more of his works. The writing makes the story more beautiful and I fell for the writing. All the characters are well etched out. The novel has made the perfect balance between crime, technology and romance. 

Things I like!!!

There're lots of things to point. Firstly, the story and writing style. Secondly, the well developed main characters and side characters and thirdly the twisted ending, which I didn't anticipate

Things I didn't like!!!

I hardly found anyhing which didn't meet my expectation.

I will give it 4.25 out of 5 stars for its plot and compelling technological thriller concept. This is highly recommended to all the thriller fans.


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Sunday, 30 October 2016


P.s: This book was given in exchange of an honest review.

Book Blurb:-

The trio—Amar, Akbar, and Anthony—had no clue whatsoever about their goddammit indecisive-careers-and-indefinite-struggles.

And that was because they were born with the Peter Pan Syndrome and were simple enough to be tricked by anyone, including their mystifying girlfriends—Meghna, Farah, and Sarah. And as is the fate of all morons, they were drawn into
trouble—deep trouble—of hiding crores of rupees of black money in secret offshore companies.

Will their mistake of turning a blind eye to the philosophy of ‘See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ cost them their careers and put them in prison? 
Will Lady Luck change their fortunes forever?

My Review: -

The story revolves around three best friends - Amar, Akbar and Anthony, who are chartered accountants. They finished their Studies and planned to open their firm together. The story is also about circumstances they faced, while chasing after their dreams. This is my first read from Jeet Gain and I'm satisfied after reading this.

The language of the story is simple yet it'll make you think in a different sense. You won't feel any difficulty while comprehending the story. The character sketch and narration are well etched out.

Things I Like!!!

The innocence and bonding of three best friends will make you adore them more.
The trigger of humour will brighten up your mood.

Things I didn't Like!!!

The only thing which I didn't like was the length of the book. It's 400 pages, and sometimes I felt the story is little dragged.

I will give this a 3.5 out of 5 stars. It's recomended to all humour lovers.  


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