Sunday, 10 September 2017

A letter to Granny

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Grandparents are the root of every family. They hold the family together in a single thread. I've not seen my grant parents at all. But, I've always imagined things related to them by hearing many stories from my papa. They left my papa, when he was in high school. The last days of my granny was quite painful for her as she was suffering from paralysis. If they were present, how much pampered would I've become. I had written a letter many years ago for my granny. I want to share it today for the #LoveJatao contest.

Dear Granny,

Happy grandparents day. Big thanks to you for taking care of my papa. I heard you loved to cook traditional dishes. Your dishes were quite famous in whole village. If you were here, then we could’ve been making traditional with western fusion dishes. I heard from many that I’m a replica of you. We’ve the same smile apart from the dimples and same complexion. But, do I look like you?

If you were here with us, then my bed time could’ve been the story time. I would’ve waited for your stories before a good night sleep. I would’ve been getting hot oil massage for my hair from you. You would’ve been telling me the childhood memories of papa. I also heard you were a movie freak at that time and a great fan of Dillip Kumar; we would’ve been watching his movies together.

You had missed seeing my birth, my first word, my first walk, my first day in school, my first award, my first day in college, my board results, my graduation day, my first campus choice, my first salary and many more things.  

I’ve heard from my friends that their grandparents are pampering them to high extend. I feel jealous of them. Why did you’ve to leave early from this world, I’ve this one grudge against you. We could’ve spent some valuable time together. We could’ve clicked some selfies together. I could’ve introduced you to all my friends. I miss you a lot. And, I want to tell you that you’re the most beautiful woman in our family.

Yours Granddaughter,
Who misses you every day.

Happy Grandparents day to all of you. Hope this day you’ll spend some valuable time with your grandparents; going back to the memory lane or chit chatting for hours or watching movies together or making their favorite dishes. I wish, I could do it all.

I look forward to hear from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10, 2017 on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed.


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