Friday, 3 June 2016

FUN... FREEDOM... CONFIDENCE... #Datsun redi-Go

Pic Source : The Hindu

I belong from a middle class family, so I always go for a trendy, reliable and budget friendly car. After some recent research I found a car, which matched my expectations.  Nissan presents Datsun redi-Go, which has a trendy look, energetic attitude, budget friendly, multi features and brand's reputation. After spreading its charisma in worldwide, it has come to India. The pre-booking has started and the launch date is set to 7th of June.

I'll share some eye catching features which made me want to have it and I'm pretty sure these features will make the hatchback competitive in market.

The hatchback is quite attractive in terms of style, when it comes to look. The makers invest quite an effort to make it standalone. Today's generation get easily attracted towards stylist models and the look of this model will give you a ready to go vibe. I can simply put Datsun redi-Go is for those, who are passionate and very particular about 'the look and feel' of the car. The high ground clearance of redi-Go will help you to encounter less obstacles faced in the street.

The interior is wide and spacious. The fabric inside Datsun redi-Go is inspired from sport cars, which will make the people comfortable. The dashboard will give you a modern touch. Datsun redi-Go has 5-speed manual transmission, that will give you a smooth control and will led you smoothly with according to your demand. It will make you feel energetic along with proper comfort. The dashboard will display the fuel remaining, average mileage and much more things. The good thing about this hatchback is the air conditioner has optimized with accordance to the Indian climate. In other words it'll make the passengers comfortable.

Dtsun redi-Go has great performance in terms of fuel economy and engine. I always go for 'lesser fuel and longer drive'. The engine has the capacity to give you a knocking-free, great performance by adjusting the spark timing in response to the power requirement.

I would love to take a test drive in Bhubaneswar, my home town. As I've faced various types of roads in Bhubaneswar, starting from spacious to clumsy roads and national highway to dirt roads. I would test it for safety and comfort as I have already fallen for its looks. I want all the stares on me while I drive it.

This is a ready to go car, as the features will led you to drive comfortably, look stylish and being assured of your safety. So these're the facts which'll help me to beat my urban drive blues. I want to go on a long drive with Datsun redi-Go.      

I would say Datsun redi-Go is an ideal buy for middle class Indian family as well as the youths. Because price is the primary reason for which the people will buy it. Apart from that, the stylish look, safety feature, fuel economy will also be the reasons for which people will get attract towards it. I have already kept it in my 'bucket lists of Wishes' and I'm sure this car will rock in India also.  

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

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