Thursday, 2 February 2017


"Once app-mates, will become strangers with some memories... "


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Dear AP,

I wish you luck for your future. May GOD shower you all the happiness you deserve and may you taste the flavor of success in your career line. I always wanted to write a letter for you. Now, I got a chance. Don’t worry this is not a complain letter.

My first impression of you was not so high, I smiled at you and you simply ignored me... Yes, and after that I thought you’re full of attitudes. That impression vanished slowly in our first team party. I’ve always said this that you’re efficient in your work but little lack in social skills. So as usual I made the effort for building our friendship. Here, we’re good friends now (I guess!!!)

You inspired me to go in the path of my dreams and take risks. But, I’m not as courageous as you. I know, it’ll take some time for me to be a rebel. I wanted to say you this from last three months. ‘Lucky are those people, who follow their passion. So you’re lucky’ People always leave some imprint on my mind, you've also left some. 

You’re one of my favorite mentors and you’ll be. Our team will miss you for sure. Please stay in contact and don’t keep grudges for any of my activities. (:P)

Lastly, study well and Farewell my moody friend...


An app-mate, who will become stranger...


This is the fourth letter in "Letter To Past" series. I won't be exposing the names, to whom I'm writing. 


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