Thursday, 6 March 2014

The debt of Tamar

                           A BRIEF REVIEW............

The debt of Tamar is a heart whelming and touching story. The story starts with a mid 16th century wealthy widow Dona Antonia Nissim arrested and charged with being a secret Jew. With the help of Suleiman the great in all Turkish history, she and her children manage to escape to Istanbul. Dona Antonia's pretty cheerful granddaughter Tamar falls in love with sultan's son. A quiet love affair ensues until one day, the girl vanishes.
In the present day the descendant of sultan Selim, a socialite prince after diagnosed suddenly face a deadly condition. In a Manhattan hospital, he meets Hannah, a talented artist. As their story twists and turns with that of their ancestors, readers are taken back to Nazi-occupied Paris, and to a seaside village in the Holy Land where a world of secrets is illuminated.

If anyone wants to land on another place and time then this is the best book. Nicole Dweck is a promising writer. She expresses the mood emotion and the situation gloriously. The phrases are not lengthy but concisely written.

The lines from the story that made heart flattered
 "But mostly,they were tired words
words aware of all that had time before them
words aware of the quite nothing that would soon follow
they were words for endings"

I can rate this book 5 out of 5 for its magnificent writing, captivate and strong story line.  



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