Saturday, 15 March 2014


“Promises are meant to be kept, once its broken no sorry can compensate for it, everything seems go against you.”

She is the most cheerful and free spirited girl, suppressed pain under her smile. He is most fascinating, serious and rich man, he escapes from his past and tries to live with its trauma. She is able to break his sufferings by making him fall in love for the second time. A promise is made to be together, until disaster happens.

“The promise” is a heart-warming, inspiring, agonizing story of an unmarried pregnant girl (Shambhavi), betrayed by her boy friend (Arjun) and her struggle for existence.

It is a must read novel, every chapter starts with a influencing quote that make the novel itself unique. Nikita Singh is an optimistic writer. The ups and downs are tremendously written, right phrases for right situation with astonishing emotion. No one can finish the novel with complete dry eyes.

If you are an Indian romance and melodrama fan then it’s the best book. “Sometimes, it is not so much about the things that we say; as it is about the things we do not. For those who try to listen, silence speaks louder than words”, most notable quote in the book. When sambhavi insists on holding her dead baby but she could not, not because it was too painful but because of her broken arm, was the most heart aching moment.

This novel deserves 4 out of 5 for its magnificent writing.

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  1. :)...I second your thoughts... liked the book a lot..



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