Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Story line-:

In Iraq, marine Sergeant Logan finds a photo of a young woman with the message “Keep Safe X” on the back in the debris of a construction and he keeps it in his pocket. His action saves his life from a mortar fire and he believes that the girl is his guardian angel that protects him. When he returns to Colorado, he has difficulties to adjust to civilian life with his sister’s family and he decides to seek out the woman. Logan researches the landscape and finds that the place is Hamden, in Louisiana, and he walks with his dog Zeus to Hamden. He discovers that the woman is Beth Green, who is the owner of Green kennels with her grandmother Ellie. When Logan meets Beth, he is unable to tell the reason why he had traveled to Hamden, she assumes that he wants the job that she had advertised, and Ellie gives the job to Logan. Soon Logan befriends Bet’s son Ben and becomes close to the family. But her ex-husband, Sheriff Keith Clayton does not want to make Logan’s life easy.

My Review-:

Frankly I quite like the romantic melodrama genre with stunning actors in the main role and breathtaking backgrounds in the whole movie, themes like fate and destiny, and this movie has it all. I think too many elements make this movie sometimes bland and unreasonable but still I like this movie and both the actors are photogenic.

The most highlighted factor in romantic movies is the chemistry between pairs, it never work like they are in love; the pair needs to make the audience believe in them. Here the actors are so good at it, that why this movie turns out to be a good one. But still it lacks the spark of “the notebook”. Well Nicholas Sparks is famous for, in a tale where everyone has redeeming qualities.

“Never let it be said that Nicholas Sparks doesn't prefer easy fake greeting-card melodrama to something that looks more like complicated reality.”

Marine Sergeant Logan played by Zack Affron is one of the confident actors. He is natural onscreen and has an appealing look, which counts as plus points. I have been his fan from movies like 17 again, high school musical series, in this movie he has tried to prove himself as he can be taken seriously but sometimes he wears a blank expression.

 Beth Green played by Taylor Schilling also justifies her role; she plays with her expression beautifully by adjusting it in accordance with the situation. Taylor Schilling is best known for portraying piper Chapman in the Netflix original series Orange is the new black (2013-present).

I recommend this movie to those who are Nicholas Sparks fan, and I give three stars out of five. 

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  1. the look and feel of a Nicholas Sparks book adapted movie is very unique- the scenes, the characters have their own aura that adds so much to the story- I liked the movie a lot... acting was natural indeed.. loved that shy kid too...



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