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“As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.”

( Note - This is the third chapter of "A stupid thing called love". I will post its chapters in every week, so have patient.... as the story will continue in weekly manner) 

For first chapter click chapter 1

For second chapter click chapter 2

Chapter 3                                                                                           


It had been five days and I can’t find my Id-card. Rosni had suggested me to reissue another one but it’s a long process that takes around a month. We were sitting in the canteen and having our samosha, when a group of four boys stormed towards us.

Muskan- “Apy your lizard boy is coming over here and I think he’s kindda cute.” I can’t believe muskan said it with a smirk in her face.

Me- “shut up musu” I faced down to hide. I sensed they were standing in front of me. help me...

Lizard boy- “Look who we are seeing today, Is it you princess???” A devilish smirk played in his face.

I lifted up my head to expose my face. “Come on princes, introduce youself first?” he continued and I have a-can’t-understand-anything-look on my face. “ didn’t get it, give your I-N-T-R-O?” Now he looked a little frustrated.

Me- “I am Apekshya Agarwal, From Delhi. I have completed my schooling from st. joshep. I am in electronics and communication branch. My hobbies are um...painting and singing.
I fumbled a little but managed to spill it out.

He gasped at me and remarked “quite a short introduction. I was expecting more but it’s okay...Now I want to ask you some question. First what is your height? You seem quite tall.”

I wide opened my mouth but suddenly closed it. Now everyone was looking at my direction and I hate attention.

Me- “5.5” embarrassment was starting to mount over me.

Lizard Boy- “Hmm...Nice, I don’t like short girls.”

What was he talking about? I was getting confused. I was interrupted from my thought by his next question.

Lizard Boy- “So what is your weight?”

Rosni- “hey you can’t ask a girl about her weight? You don’t have any manner or what?”

I was giving him a disgust look when he pulled an id-card from his pocket. He raised his eyebrows and moved the card in front of me like pendulum. He did that so gracefully that I was stuck in his eyes for a while.

Lizard Boy- “Is it yours princess?”

I was relieved to see my card. “Yes” I mumbled excitedly and extended my hand towards his direction. But before I could hold it he pulled back his hand “Ahh...princess not so easy, first answer my question.”

Me- “huh...94”

Lizard Boy- “that means 49” An amused smile played over his face. “Okay...let’s stop it here. Here is an assignment, copy it neat n clean in A4 size papers. Most importantly complete it by the day after tomorrow. Got it?”

Me- “sorry, I can’t complete it. I have my assignment also” I tried to keep my voice polite.

Lizard Boy- “If you need your Id-card, then you must have to complete this. I will come the day after tomorrow. Till then complete it and I will return your card.”

Before I could protest any more He left that place with his gang, who did nothing except enjoying the show.

Muskan- “That was so dramatic...and quite unique. Look apy how much attention you got. I wish if I was in your place.”

Pakshy- “Musu will you please shut up??? Now what will you do apy” she looked at me with concerned look.

Rosni- “Apy, it’s okay...we all will help you” She patted my shoulder and Anchal nodded with her. 

Please don't make things difficult for me......

It’s like I don’t have any option
But I will get my revenge on you definitely......

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  1. Some ragging this is :) Nicely penned!
    So happy for you, Appy! Congrats for your placement!
    Keep Blogging :)

  2. Thanks Anita.....and yaa I'm back after some weeks. so I need to straight my back and concentrate on blogging.....:)



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