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Author-: Lucy Leiderman
Pages-: 384
Expected publication: December 16th 2014 by Dundurn  

Story Line-:

After discovering that she had a past life full of magic in Britannia thousands of years ago, Gwen must race against time to stop three ancient magicians who threaten to tear the world apart.

Having won a battle to save her own magic from being enslaved in Lives of Magic, Gwen is still reeling from memories of her past life and challenges her present one. Alone without the one she trusted most, she gathers her friends to search for others like her — those that can destroy the magicians once and for all.

But will the lure of infinite power be too much to resist, even for those sworn to protect?

As Gwen's group begins to fracture amidst division and millennia-old rivalry, reality starts to blur with the past until the lines between family, friend and enemy are no longer clear. Gwen needs to find the key to defeating the magicians before they recover their power — or else surrender to her past life’s magic and lose herself forever.

My Review-:

“Lives of kings” is the sequel of “lives of magic”. At first I didn’t feel connected to this book, because so many things were happening simultaneously so I decided to read the first book. After finishing two books my expression was “This series is wonderful!!!”
The book is full of action, magic, travel and smattering of romance, which will restrict you to leave the book alone. But there is more going for this novel than just solid, intensive research into Celtic myths and culture.
Readers who enjoy a story with latent historical elements, or contemporary fantasy would no doubt pick this one right up.

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About this author-:

Lucy Leiderman was born on a naval base in Kaliningrad, Russia and raised in Toronto, Canada. A fan of all things mythological from an early age, she began writing stories as a child. As an adult and avid traveller, she infuses her writing with magic and compelling settings. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto and a Master’s degree from Uppsala Universitet. 

I will give four out of five stars to this book.

NOTE: if you have not read the first book then i will suggest you not to prefer the second one.

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 I received a copy of this book through Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

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