Saturday, 11 October 2014


I tiptoed towards the slanting bridge with a red coated white gown and my red sandal. I have to cross the bridge so that I can reach my destination. But I didn’t know where I’m heading to or why? The only thing I knew was someone is waiting for me.

After I cross the bridge a beautiful classic garden popped up in my view. It was rich in different types flower plants. But what drew my attention were orchid flowers, I love them. As I moved ahead my gaze fell on a white glass table and two chairs placed in the middle of the garden.

I came closer to that table and saw a beautiful man was walking towards me from the other direction; Light beams were coming from him. Wait!!! Did I say beautiful?

“Finally you have come, I was waiting for you.” He stated with a smile on his face. “Umm...hello may I know who are you? And why I’m here?” I was confused at that time and he must have seen it on my face. “Who I’m not important but Arpita Did you forgot we have a date today.”  He threw his hand in air to show me to sit in the chair. I silently followed his command. “Arpita did you wish to score good marks in exams?” I didn’t get his question. “Yes, I mean everybody want it” I said it with a-quite-obvious look. “But if you didn’t work hard and only wish then how can you succeed? You also give up so quickly. May I know why?” He retorted again.

“May be I’m like that, I get depressed by failure. And maybe I’m not getting enough motivation.” I murmured with a sad expression. He extended his hand and lifted my chin up so that we were facing each other. “That’s why I’m here Arpita, to motivate you because life can’t be perfect without motivations. And my dear there is a say that the strongest people aren’t always the people who win, but the people who don’t give up when they lose.”  I saw a twinkle in his eyes when he was explaining things to me.

“What do you want to eat?” his question made me think a little. “Umm...I’m not much of an eater but if you insists then cutlet will be fine.”  It’s because I don’t like vegetables and potato is my one n only favorite veggie. “Cutlet, you eat that daily. Let’s eat salad?” Ohh...GOD how he knew that I eat cutlet daily. “Actually I don’t eat much veggie. So salad is not my liking.” A faint smile crossed across his face. “You are throwing your attitude like a princess. You don’t like vegetables but you know people don’t get vegetables.” He was saying the truth but the truth always hurt more.
“Arpita you are a nice girl. So live as if you were to die tomorrow. And learn as if you were to live forever. We have to hurry up It’s your get up time na?” again he smiled. “But you didn’t tell me who are you?” I asked this time out of curiosity. How did he know so many things about me? “You can call me your well wisher.”  

With that the garden started to fade along with the scenery and darkness started to engulf me. I saw my phone was in my hand and an alarm was ringing at 6 pm. I didn’t even realize when that phone came to my hand. “See you soon my well wisher” I shouted aloud.
I opened my eyes and observed my surrounding. It was the same familiar my room and I were in my bed. Was that all a dream? I patted my forearm and thought I had a date with GOD.

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  1. Nice one...

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