Friday, 3 October 2014


If I look down my life, I can see so many experiences starting from friendship to break up to emotional breakdown.  But that one feeling I never want to forget i.e. Love and Hate.

During my school days I walked home from school with my equally skinny best friend Viviane.  And on our way back we generally talked about Jake. Ahh...Before that let me tell you all that Jake was my sworn enemy or worst enemy. I hated him with my life. Every time Jake and few other friends of his taunted us. They had also invented a thousand ways to make me cry.

My Dad always assured me “they only do that because they like you honey. Cassie you know if you don’t react then only they will stop bothering you.” I didn’t realize at that time that the torture from Jake was actually attention. By the tenth grade I was used to that torture. By that point Jake had moved on to hitting us with water filled balloons.

I had known him for five years but the funny thing was we considered each other friends. I knew he somehow enjoyed my company. When others were not around then he would talk to me. He had taught me how to skeet but he never mentioned it to anyone. He behaved so nice to me in private but he always maintained the tough exterior in front of others. We even held hands on my sixteenth birthday and watched the sunset together.   

When I had completed high school, we got into separated universities. On a summer I returned home from my first year of college, I ran into Jake. He was living on his own at that time. I found myself sitting in his apartment. We talked about those years when he bullied me, made me cry and even gave comfort me. After that I asked him, “Did you ever have a crush on me?”

And he responded, “Yes Cassie I had a crush on you the whole time but fear of losing you.”

We shared the love and hate relationship. Even now also I haven’t forgotten that memories.

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  1. I feel we should express when we like someone :)
    Nicely expressed, Appy!
    Though the story has US/European names, still is applicable universally!

  2. Thanks Anita for the lovely comment, I also believe that one should express all the feelings but sometimes it gets difficult.....

  3. Thanks Tomichan for visiting my blog...



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