Sunday, 10 May 2015


Hold me tight and smile bright mama.
Love you...

Dear mama,

Happy mother’s day. GOD showers you with lots of happiness and blessings. Hope your life in Bhubaneswar would be fine. I miss you mama. This year, I thought instead of gifts I’ll write a letter to you.

I wonder, do you ever wish to know what kind of mother you are in my life? I simply say ‘Mama, you are the coolest.’ You have wiped my running nose, massaged me with oil and mopped my pop. I have heard so many stories from my childhood like I always cry at night. I loved to pull your hair and you shouted with agony. I heard from granny that I was calling you by your name instead of mama.  We always shared a special relationship; you have guided me, disciplined me, loved me, protected me, supported me, taught me and helped me in taking the right decision. You have stood by my side in my every decision. Till now you never spoke rudely with me.

Do you remember mama, once I participated in the inter dance competition without informing you. That evening I left my home lying to you that I’m going to my friend’s house. But, guilt evolved me and after my performance I returned home to tell you the truth. I was scared to death that you’ll punish me after knowing it, but you didn’t. Instead, you looked at me for several minutes, patted my shoulder to console me and I learned a great lesson from you. 

 Once I lose a bet from my friends and I had to give them treats. I thought you won’t give me money, so I stole from papa’s wallet. Later you caught my crime, but I saw tears in your eyes. I realized my mistake. I learned to be honest. You taught me that honesty lies in simplicity. You always forgive me for my mistakes. I’m a better person because of you. 

You are my source of inspiration. You always try to show me your smiley face, but I know you are growing gray hairs and I can see your wrinkles also. Sometimes you are tired, but you don’t give anyone a hint of it. I always wonder how you manage both teaching and household work. I’m yet to learn that.   

Your every lesson has embarked my thoughts and engraved in my soul. My love for you is so big that words will fail me to express it. Still I’ll say, I love you mama. And I know you’ll say, ‘love you too, beta’.

Yours princess.

I am writing a letter about how a mother teaches honesty to her child with the Max Life Insurance i-genius #YoursHonestly activity in association with BlogAdda.


  1. Hope you've had a great mother's day...and this letter says a lot about your bond.

  2. You have confessed it all in this open letter. And this is a proof of the honesty that your mother has taught you.
    Good one Arpita :)

  3. Beautiful... so heartfelt :)
    Cheers, Archana -

  4. Thank you Alok, Salvwi, Uttpal and Archana for your positive words... :)

  5. Hello Arpita,

    I have nominated you for the 3 Day Quote Challenge at Emotions Xpressed

    You can check the link to know the details. Hope you will enjoy writing.



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