Sunday, 10 May 2015


I got an outstanding gift from GOD. That's you, mama.

Dear mama,

Happy mother’s day. GOD showers you with lots of happiness and blessings. Hope your life in Bhubaneswar would be fine. I miss you mama. This year, I thought instead of gifts I’ll write a letter to you.

I wonder, do you ever wish to know what kind of mother you are in my life? I simply say ‘Mama, you are the coolest.’ You have wiped my running nose, massaged me with oil and mopped my pop. I have heard so many stories from my childhood like I always cry at night. I loved to pull your hair and you shouted with agony. I heard from granny that I was calling you by your name instead of mama.  

We always shared a special relationship; you have guided me, disciplined me, loved me, protected me, supported me, taught me and helped me in taking the right decision. You have stood by my side in my every decision. Till now you never spoke rudely with me.

I feel proud when relatives compare me with you. Some say I’m understanding, mature like you and some say I look alike you. You made me understand how to follow my heart rather than my mind. Now if people are praising me, it’s because of your guidance.

I love your voice, when you sing old songs during rainy days. I know you love to scribble in your diary, but never dare to show it. You remember mama, one day I read some of your poems and stories and you didn’t talk with me for a whole day. I remember our dance, holding hands during the power cut times.  I love our long gossip sessions. You manage both your work and household works. You never saw your tiredness in front of me and always put on a smile on your face. You hate to admit that you’re becoming fat. I always taunt you about your fatness yet you look like a doll to me.

 Do you remember mama, once I participated in the inter dance competition without informing you. I was scared to death that you’ll punish me after knowing it, but you didn’t. Instead, you patted my shoulder and I learned a great lesson from you. I learned to be honest. And when I stole money from papa’s wallet, you made me understand my mistake.

You are my source of inspiration. You always advise me to follow my heart, accept the things and whatever happens that has a good reason. When I cried for my face full of pimples, you made me understand that beauty lies in the heart not in the face. According to me, you are an expert. Your every lesson has embarked my thoughts and engraved in my soul. 

My love for you is so big that words will fail me to express it. I remember the last words of my Aai(maternal grandmother), “Liku, take care of your mama and love her for eternity. Will you?” That day I realized all mothers expected a little attention and care from their daughters. I’ll come to you when my training will be over. Till then keep smiling and keep nagging me over the phone.

Yours princess.


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