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Book: Private India

Authors: Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson
Genre: Fiction (Mystery/Thriller)
Published by: Arrow Books
No. of pages: 447
Cover price: Rs. 350

Story Line-:
Private India is India’s biggest and best detective agency, a branch of Private Worldwide, run by Jack Morgan.  Santosh Wagh heads Private India. Murders in the Mumbai city clearly show the work of a serial killer; the killer has chosen its victim randomly, without any connections and with strange props placed in the death scene.

Santosh Wagh is running out of time. He has to stop the killer before the killer finds its next victim. Not only that private India seems to be in great danger along with thousands of innocents.

Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson have teamed up for the first time to bring ‘private’ series to India. It’s the 8th book of the popular series.

The plotline of this novel was convincing but the story progressed in a twist and turn manner. Some mysteries baffled me as some characters have multiple personalities. The mysteries start to unfold in the second half of the book.

Thumbs up-:
The book is written by two people, who are polished in their own field, so the book is well conjured up. The writing is very detailed and every minute detail is specified with perfection. The reader automatically starts to picturing things while reading.

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Some of the lines which I really liked-:
"Unlike a piece of wood which can turn out too short when you cut it, if a piece of metal is botched, we simply wait, reheat, and give it another go. There are always second chances-both in metal and in men."

"Life has no meaning without the presence of death. Life is simply the absence of death. The fools of this world labour to prevent death, unmindful of the fact that it is death that will set them free."

Thumbs down-:
It’s very difficult for me to detect the thumbs down portion but I think there is only one thing that strokes my mind; the novel is dividing in to two parts so as the story. The first and last few chapters can give you goose bumps but in the middle a reader may lost as so many characters will come across a reader and so many things will occur at a time.

I think there are so many characters with their background stories. But Except Santose Wagh all are easily forgettable. The cameo appearance of Jack Morgan, who is the head of Private and recruited all of them for the Indian branch of private, was also unnecessary.  

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A fast read and a page turner, Private India might be ready for its sequels and I hope Ashwin and James sure can come up with many more cases, some related to the mythological suspense of India, which Private India can handle with Santosh. I also think that the novel can also be add to the bollywood diaries.
So I will give this Novel 4 out of 5 stars for its writers, who have made it marvelous for the readers.

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  1. Oh Wow Appy! You have given it a high score. That means you loved it.
    Mixed reviews for this one..

  2. Nyc review appy.. i would like to add this book in my "want to read next" list

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