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HEART STRING (Happy Ending)

                                                             //Happy Ending//

Note-: It is the fourth n last chapter of Heart String series. To read first chapter click Here. To read second chapter click Here. To read third chapter click Here.

I ran as fast as I could and where my feet took me; never aware of the surroundings and situation. After some time I found myself in a green room. I went to a corner and started sobbing silently. My mind was wondering so many questions. I had already made up my mind, but what now? Then something hit me; Ohh... No, I left that place. That place was surrounded by thousands of people, His fans. The concert was also live and maybe the whole nation was watching. I embarrassed him in front of the whole nation. I should have stayed quiet. A shiver ran down my spine and a thud sound came from the door. The door was flung open and there he was standing. His eyes explained about his desperateness and sadness. Then he came near me and we stood face to face.

“I’m sorry...” was all he managed to say. My eyes got wide with utter shock. Why was he saying sorry, It was me who embarrassed him. “I shouldn’t have done that. It was may be awkward for you. It’s just...” I trailed him in mid sentence. “Are you stupid? I was the one who should be sorry and I didn’t mean to run. I was so scared at that time. I wanted that for so long, I never know when the first time I fall for you. But I thought after your music lunch you forget me. I thought I was a piece of the past for you, who has no importance in your life. ” I was yelling at him for making me wait so long and treating me like a stranger. My tears were continuously falling making my eyes a little shade of red.

He held my hand and pushed me towards his strong chest and started to pat my head. He hugged me. “Believe me, I tried a lot to reach you. At that time I didn’t have the option of coming home. You changed your number, but I didn’t. I waited for your call all this while. I was dancing my head up like a crazy person when I found you.” He confessed. “Will you give me another chance?” He was looking into my eyes. I blushed “it’s like a dream comes true for me. Obviously yes...” before I continue he peeked in my forehead.
We headed toward the stage with intertwine our hands. The crowd again started to cheer up, but still some with confused looks. “Friends I want you all to meet my special person.” He stated with a broad smile.
He started the song again, where he left it. “You’ve fallen for me, fallen for me, you melted because of my sweet love... You’ve fallen for me, fallen for me, you’ve fallen for the look in my eyes... See my eyes, you’ve fallen for me... See my eyes, you’ve fallen for me....” perhaps the whole country was witnessing this live program. I looked at him as he circled around me. He smiled at me every second.
And I fall for him once more, all over again...

Dear Diary,

It’s been eight months to that concert. And we have at least fifty dates, sixty fights, ten break ups and patch ups. Every girl wants to know the secret why he, a rock star, falls for me. Some of his fans have joined anti -fan team by protesting me as his girl friend. This made me laugh. But more over I’m so happy that my story got a happy ending.

See you again.


P.S. - This story is inspired from a Korean series of same name and a story of Pratikshya (Words unspoken). This story has four parts or chapters. It is the third chapter.

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  1. Why does the story have to end ?
    Such a lovely story it is !.
    You write awesome arp :)

  2. Thanks Gargee, I will soon write another one.



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