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HEART STRING (His Concert)

                                    // His Concert//

Note- This is the third chapter. To read first chapter click here. To read second chapter click here

Dear Diary,

The day has finally come. I can’t wait more to see him. I can’t express my excitement; there is nothing more to say...

See you soon  

I closed my diary and marched towards the door. Within one hour I reached in his concert, the place was huge as I was never been to one before. My eyes got wide to see the crowd. They were cheering for him, that scene cherished me the most. Then his name was announced and he appeared on the stage. In these few years he aged a little, he had grown longer and must be six feet now.

He smiled at the crowd, but his eyes searching something. The focus shifted from one end of the gallery to the other and the faces were magnified on the larger screen. He waved at the crowd gracefully. For a moment I thought his eyes met mine, but how could that be possible. Then he began his speech by saying his new album is for someone special; who took care of him, who melted his ice stone heart and who always supported him despite of any situation.

I had noticed that thankfully my side seats were empty for some reason. May be people were coming I thought to myself. I don’t like so many crowds and secondly, I also hate the attention.

Then he held the guitar closer to him and started singing “ Will you be staying with me forever... The two of us love each other... Live a happy life for a hundred and thousand years... To be honest with you, I like you more than you like me...”

He was putting his voice, heart as well as soul into the song. The lyrics and tune were complementing each other. I even could feel the pure feeling he had for ‘someone special’.  I was devoured by his song. By the time he finished his song; I stood with the crowd, started shouting, clapping with the people around me. After a few seconds a wide smile played on his face and at the same time the focus rested on me and he walked towards me. I was dumbstruck.  That was way beyond my understanding level.

His  p.o.v.

 At first I was nervous whether I’m going to see her or not. And then I saw her sitting alone in the first row of VIP seats as I planned. She was smiling at me at that instant I knew what I have to do; I waited for my first song to be completed which was sung for her. Then I made my way towards her and simultaneously started my song which I used to sing during our school days. Her favorite one “You have fallen for me”. She was also unaware that at that time I had written it for her. I was enjoying her stupefied look. My every step rhythmically matched with my song.

Everything about us started coincidentally
At first I didn't know that this was going to be loved, but to think that this was actually love
My heart keeps on going thump...
When you look at me, you keep on smiling without you even noticing,
And before you even realized, you started to fall for me

You’ve fallen for me, fallen for me, you melted because of my sweet love
You’ve fallen for me, fallen for me, you’ve fallen for the look in my eyes
See my eyes, you’ve fallen for me
See my eyes, you’ve fallen for me....

I came up each step and stopped in front of her. I was so happy to see her that I could have hugged her right away, but something held me from doing that. After those lines I paused for her response, but in return I got silence.

Hope she understood this, my indirect confession... But instead she ran away. Why? I didn’t get it. But I knew that I have to go after her. This time I will not lose her.

P.S. - This story is inspired from a Korean series of same name and a story of Pratikshya (Words unspoken). This story has four parts or chapters. It is the third chapter.

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  1. Great, Appy!
    Nicely described! Words make us feel the atmosphere :)

  2. Thanks Anita....You are right about it; some words are also unspoken, but they have the capability to reach the soul.



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