Thursday, 13 November 2014

My diary (#4)

Dear Blog,

In the month of January, I and my friends had participated in pot painting hosted by shristi club, one of the club from our college.  It took a lot of effort to paint all the pots. I was happy that our pots sold at 250/- each in our college tech fest.  I want to share some photos of it.

Pot made by me and my friend pratikshya

Made by my friends Saswati and Lipsa

Made by my friend Pratikshya (another one)

   If I were to be the judge, then the bellow two images are the best pots. These two pots were made by two candidates in each group.

                                                                                       See you again blog

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  1. Very nice paintings. Good creativity.

  2. Thanks Vinitha, It took forever to paint that pot...

  3. Pots are too beautiful. Love your paintings.

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  4. You and your friends have such a creative mind ..the pots are beautiful.. :-)

  5. Amazing pot paintings. You and your friends showing great interest and talent to draw these pot paintings. A great effort and glad to know that your pots are sold at 250 rupees each. I wish you to do many more like these projects alongwith your friends.

    Being prepared these pot paintings by yourself and your friends from my side a small request and suggestion to you. Like these pot paintings some times please focus on creating some of India's traditional things like school projects on Indian Monuments, Indian Dances, Indian paintings etc., and also creating dolls of various indian traditional themes like terracota dolls, and also try to draw paintings of warli, kerala mural, kalamkari etc. paintign like many themes relating to Indian Heritage and Culture because now-a-days people forget about our glorious heritage. Hence atleast some artistic talented people like you and your friends take some initiative to preserve our age old arts like these in their own artistic way and showing them to our younger generation Indian children because they are our future Indian citizens who make India proud with their efforts and hence it is our responsibility to educate them about our glorious heritage. If possible please prepare like these several things mentioned above relating to our Indian Heritage and Culture through your creativity and imagination ( and also of your artistic friends) and share those things with school chilldren. I hope you understand what i am saying. But this is my suggestion only.

    Recently i am presented my Third Seminar on Indian Heritage and Culture to young children. In this seminar i am sharing my paintings and other collections relating to Indian Heritage and explaining children about various aspects of our Heritage and Culture through my collections. Children are eagerly participated in my seminar and they clarified their doubts about our glorious heritage.

    Please look into my Third Seminar on Indian Heritage post and share your valuable and inspirational comment for the same.

    I hope you like my blog and join as a member to my blog. If you like my blog please share this with your friends also.



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