Saturday, 6 February 2016


Few months ago I visited Bangalore with my family. I being a shy girl always had a dream of travelling with my family. While roaming around a mail near Jp nagar, I met with a girl. Or I can say I met me! It must be sounding weird but I saw me standing near the one piece counter. After some time her eyes met mine and she shouted “Oh my GOD… ” She came closer me and started to observe my face clearly. I noticed the little differences between us; her hair is curly and waist length while my hair is complete straight, her skin tone is a shade darker than mine, she is two inch longer than me and she has a dimple in left cheek. “I never thought that I can be that attractive.” I whispered and looked straight in her eyes.

“Hi, I’m Ishita Banerjee from Bangalore. I can’t believe I’m meeting my doppelganger. Ohh GOD… My parents will be glad to see you. I never see you in Bangalore. Are you new here? Bangalore is a big city after all. So you belong to where? You don’t like to talk?” “So she is a talkative one”, A thought formed on my mind. “I’m Arpita Dash from Bhubaneswar. It’s my first time here. I’m stunned actually, I don’t believe in doppelganger concept. I mean not until now. My parents and I would love to meet your parents.” I gave her a smile. I called my parents and our parents met each other. But it seemed like they knew each other. I gave my parents a suspicious eye. My mother embraced Ishita and asked her many questions. We moved towards a restaurant to have our dinner.

In the middle of our dinner Ishita dragged me towards the washroom.  “Arpita listen carefully, I think we’re twins.” Her sudden comment made me stunned. “No… I mean why you think that.” I asked with concern. “Because I know that I was adopted. Our parents know each other and you didn’t see how your mother is behaving around me. See the logic…” She circled her hands in air. “How do you know that you’re an adoptive child?” She let out a sigh and told, “I heard it one day.” A ping of jealousy mounted over me. I had always received full attention from my parents and I didn’t want that attention to be divided. I should be happy to meet my twin sister after so long, but now I was feeling uneasy and insecure.

Before I could say something, she hugged me tighter. “I’m glad to know that I have a sister Arpi. And the amazing thing is you’re so different than me. You’re such a nice person and look at me, I’m a spoil brat. We can never let our parents know about us being known the fact. We must keep it secret.  I don’t know about the past and whatever they did, they must have a reason. We both are happy in our lives, right?” I was surprised to see her behavior. I was ashamed of me and gave her a tight hug. We had our dinner and moved towards our lives. We exchanged our numbers and kept in contact after that.

P.s.- This is complete fiction... But once upon a time I really wished to have a cool twin sister.

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  1. I was really shattered to know this is fiction. I was so into it and loved reading about your twin!

    I too was told by my MBA batch mates that they were friends with a guy exactly like me. I don't have a twin, that much i know :)

    1. I'm also used to listen this comment that I resemble someone... :) Thank you Alok.

  2. when i was at the middle of the story i was eagerly and anxiously reading it to know the ending.
    its short but very much attractive and full of suspense.
    mind blowing thought.



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