Tuesday, 23 February 2016

WITHOUT YOU : Final Part

"I want you to see yourself through my eyes, then you'll realize how special you're to me..."

This is the second and final part of without you. Those, who've not read the first part click here(Without You)  

Rohan’s point of view:

You always think that we met in the school garden for the first time. Wrong! We were childhood friends; we used to play together at the age of six. Meeting you after so many years were my fate or I can say you, staying at my home was planned by destiny.

Remember, in our childhood days when you said you don’t want to be friends with me, it had hurt me so much that I decided for vengeance. I posted your letter in the notice board; I thought may be insulting you will make me calm. I know it was stupid of me, but I had upset you. I had decided to avoid you but you never left a chance for me to do that. You never realize, slowly you were making your place in my heart and I think I was also falling for you. But, I was in no state to accept that.

At first I was forced to tutor you, but eventually that changed into my wish. I’m not good at showing my expression, but you’ve always seen through me. All my taunts were to make you a strong person. My heart skipped a bit when you told me that you’ll follow me everywhere. I know you’re sincere for your feelings but, my thoughts were jumbled.

Mama told me uncle and you moved out. And it’s been few weeks you’ve not met me. Neither you’re picking up my calls nor replying my messages. How can you leave me? I wanted you to give me some time. Yet, you left me. I want to ask you for another chance but I know that I don’t deserve it. You’ve given me so much opportunity. Today I know what I want and my heart wants you, Trisha.

Third person's point of view: 

Rohan reached in front of Trisha’s new home, where she just moved few weeks ago. Trisha stuns to see Rohan on her doorstep. Before she can say something, he hand her a letter. Startled Trisha tears the envelope and starts to read the letter. A drop of tear slithers from her eye. They both embrace each other. He whispers in her ear, “I’ll never let you go.” She smiles and told him, “You didn’t write the letter on your own, you’ve copied my letter. But I’m happy that you remember my letter so well.” He gives her an apology smile. “I’ve kept your letter. And forget about the letter, you’ve me now.” They embraced each other once again.

P.s.- This post is inspired from a Thai drama ‘Kiss me’. Recently I’ve watched it and already fallen for the drama.

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