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“As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.” 

( Note - This is the first chapter of "A stupid thing called love". I will post its chapters in every week, so have patient.... as the story will continue in weekly manner) 
 CHAPTER- 1                                                                                                 
I just love the way my life goes on. I love to learn, not to study, as I think of it as fun. So I joined engineering as it has no study load. Let me introduce myself, I am Apekshya,17 years old, favorite color changes according to my mood, favorite movie depends on the rating, height around 5’6 and I’m just an average looking girl, quite sensitive and quite emotional too.

It was a Sunday. So we five friends decided to go on a trip to puri. Before that, let me introduce my friends to you: Rosni (very talkative, smiley face, wears spectacle, never listens to important things and always forgets something), Pakshy (very sweet, kind hearted girl, responsible and most importantly loves to study), Muskan (shortly Miss. Drama queen, she can give a hundred expressions in one minute) and Anchal (straight forward yet innocently sweet inside but sometimes her straight forwardness make us feel embarrassed).

Back to our trip,then. That day I came a little late to bus stop so all the four of them had already occupied their seats (Rosni with Anchal and Pakshy with Muskan). I was left alone, so making an angry face I sat with a stranger!!!(He was a stranger, but until now.)

That time I decided not to talk with any one of them. Of course how can they ditch me like that? And I drank water to calm myself.
Suddenly my gaze fell on my lap and there, I found a lizard. I jumped the next moment screamingly and unconsciously threw all the water towards that stranger (actually I don’t like animals except cats but a lizard, seriously!!!) 

Stranger- With a terribly angry face he started shouting at me “WHAT DID YOU DO? Don’t you have any manners? Oh god! I have an important program today. Listen, Miss you have to compensate for it.”

Me- (at that time all I managed to say was) “sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you but there was a lizard on my lap and”

Stranger- He did not let me complete my sentence “wait, a lizard!!! Did you mean this” he showed me that lizard. “Miss this is not a real one” then he stretch its tail to show me that it was made of rubber.

Me- that was enough, beyond my control and I wanted to throw him out of that bus or slap him with my sandal “LISTEN YOU; I did not know that it was not real, and nobody could guess that. So you better keep that in your bag and sit silently.

Stranger- “Sorry I can’t hear that and I need my compensation. You are the one who spilt water on me and then you are the one who insult me in front of these people.”
And I was completely unaware of the people staring at us; some with shocking look, some with a look of disgust and some with an angry look. At that time I couldn’t read my friends expression. We were fighting like pre-elementary students; he was ready to push me into a gutter and I was ready to kick him as hard as possible.  

Before I could protest anything the bus conductor came and threw us out of the bus. Obviously my friends also silently co-operated me and got down with me. We stared at each other briefly before leaving on our own way.

We meet for the first time, but how can you be so sure about me....

 Hoped that was last time too but that was not quite so.............                                                                   
(Next chapter will be updated next week)

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  1. wow nyc try appy.. waiting to read how things will go between apekshya nd that stranger

  2. Good beginning, Appy!
    So they meet next at the concert/music performance, right?
    I think he's a singer :)
    Looking forward :)

  3. Thanks Sagar.....I'm thinking to maintain this story in weekly manner.....

  4. Thanks Anita...but he is not a will know it in this week...:)



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