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“As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.” 

( Note - This is the Second chapter of "A stupid thing called love". I will post its chapters in every week, so have patient.... as the story will continue in weekly manner )


The morning sky was filled with storm clouds. I predicted about some unusual thing is going to happen. Starting a new college was too tiring and of course the last few days weren’t too bad except the lizard boy incident.

Making my way up to the bus stop, I saw Pakshy waving at me (Pakshy and I shared the same bus to go to college). I smiled and waved back at her.

Pakshy- “Hey do you know that one direction is going to release its new album? Yapaa....”
She screamed in joy. She was a die-hard fan of one direction just like Rosni of SRK and Harry Potter.

Me-  “Really!!!” I said with an artificial excited face. Ohhh GOD, I’m a conversation killer. Pakshy also realised it. By that time our bus had also arrived. In our bus we loved to listening music in an earphone, and started our conversation in loud voice.

As I predicted, that day our section had decided to make a mass bunk. So I requested all to eat ice-cream and we five moved towards the ice-cream parlor.
I started chatting with friends, bag-pack on both my shoulders and simultaneously licking the delicious cornetto ice-cream.
Me- “Why are they doing this mass bunk so soon? I mean it’s only 5th day of our college na?” I asked with a concerned face.

Rosni- “Umm I don’t mind apy (apy is the pet name given by my friends), and don’t worry, nothing will happen. We can gossip the whole afternoon.” I nodded as a response. I almost jumped and yelled excitedly waving my right hand as I saw an aeroplane fly away. (It’s my thing that I can’t control myself when a plane passes by....I know it’s embarrassing for a 17 year old girl)

Meanwhile a group of four boys were passing by in the opposite direction of us...seeing my childish act they laughed out loudly; one of them even mimicked my act. We all were embarrassed of course, Anchal was starting to protest something but Rosni dragged her out of that place and rest of us also escaped out of there quickly fearing of ragging, assuming they were seniors.

Muskan- “I told you a thousand times apy, to behave properly outside. Such an idpd...they are seniors, if they will remember us then what will we do?” by that time Muskan was furious but my mind was in the middle of processing about the things that happened.

Me- “Guys why is that I have a weird feeling about it?” I asked in expressionless, still processing the incident in my mind.

Pakshy- “Of course dear....You not only embarrassed yourself but also us. So how can you feel well” She told in a retorted manner.

Me- “Now I remember....umm...was not HE that lizard boy!!! It means he is from our college and he is a senior.” fear started to engulf me and I had lost my interest in ice-cream.

Rosni suggested going to the library to change our mood and that is when I realized that I had lost my Id-card somewhere.

On our second meeting, You turned my day down....... 

 The worst day of my life, I started to sob silently.                                                            

(Next chapter will be updated next week)

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  1. Wonder how it'll unfold :)

  2. I like your writing Arpita. Good to know a fellow blogger from Bhubaneswar. All my wishes. Waitin for the next episode



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