Sunday, 8 February 2015


I received The Versatile Award from Shweta on 6th February. It’s my first award for blogging.
She said-: I have nominated you for the Versatile award, you can view your nomination here

 A vivid memory reminds me that I was seeing the top posts on Indiblogger, there I found Shweta’s blog. She blogs at Sunshine and Zephyr by Shweta, pay a visit to her blog. She blogs about fiction, poems, travels and some ghazals by her own voice.

The rules for this award
- Display the award on your blog
- Thank the person who nominated you
- Share 7 facts about yourself
- Nominate 15 blogs
- Link your nominee’s blog and let them know

I will proudly display this award on my site. I sincerely thank Shweta Dave for considering me for this award. Such awards encourage me to write more and try new things.

Well, 7 facts are too less for me:

  • I’m currently in my final semester of 4th year B.Tech.
  • I love to dance, paint, blog, read and write. 
  • I started my journey blogging on 31st Jan 2014 inspired from Pratikshya.
  • I consider music as my soul mate.
  • I love to drink coffee, where I got the inspiration for fictions.
  • I’m a shopalcoholic and love to spend at least one hour on websites everyday.
  • I have ten dearest friends (including my little sis), whom I cherish the most. 

I'm nominating 15 bloggers, who are regular and  deserve to receive this award.

While thinking of nominations, on the top of my mind is Anita S, She blogs at The Explorer of Miracles.
Vinitha, She manages two blogs Void Thoughts and Reflections.  
Cifar shayar, @ The Other Side.
Shashank Tiwari, @Embark with my thoughts.
Pratikshya, @Magic moments.
Nimi Arora, @ Quest for more...
Amrit Sinha, @Live your life
Vidya Subramanian, @Words from my Heart and Head.
Paresh Kale, @ The Top Post.
Saima Wasti, @Inception..!
Seema Chuahan, @ Travel Online (Well, her blog doesn't have a proper name).
Kathie K, @ a see change.
and last but not the least

 Best of luck to all the nominees... :)

Thanks for stopping by; I read each and every comment. Share your thoughts before leaving... 


  1. thanks for the nomination dear...

  2. Heartiest Congrats for your first Blogging Award, Appy :)
    Am sure you'll win many more!
    Nice to learn more about you. Great choice of bloggers. Have read most of them.

    Thanks a lot for nominating me! Honored to be your top-of-mind recall :)

  3. Thanks pratikshya and Anita... :)

  4. Congratulations Arpita and thanks for considering me :) Glad to see my name up there :)

  5. Hi Arpita.Congoand .Thnx for all the kind words u put up for my Posts..Glad you Considered.:)

  6. Hearty congratulations Arpita!! I sincerely wish you the very best in your blogging journey! Thanks a ton for visiting my blog and considering me worthy, it means a lot :)



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