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QUIKR NXT : No fikar, Chat quikr

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A few months ago I shifted to a new apartment. There I found some of my furniture didn’t match with the color and interior of my flat. I told this problem to my friend and she introduced me to Quikr. That was my first meet with Quikr. That time my relocation was successful thanks to Quikr.

First, I will introduce you to Quikr:

Do you have a product you wish to sell? Would you like to buy something that would be useful to you or the product can fulfill your requirement from a person who currently owns it? With Quikr you can do it all in a better and smoother manner.

Quikr is a platform, where the buyer and the seller can converse with each other. You can receive quick responses from your search and it can fulfill your requirements within less time. Simply I can say for today’s world Quikr is an essential platform.

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Quirk has introduced an amazing feature Quikr Nxt, it provides users to chat with the seller and buyer. Without a phone call we can proceed with transactions. I would definitely prefer chat over my phone call. My reasons are:

We all need some personal space and being a girl I too want some personal space for me without unwanted disturbances. During the transaction process we need to exchange our number for further processing. There is always a risk while sharing our numbers. In Quikr Nxt you don’t have to show your number, you can final the product and transaction can be done without a phone call. Isn't it cool? You can also hide your email id in their site, so that thousands of unwanted emails can be avoided.

Chat history
I can check the history to keep the track of the information I have been giving. If you are talking to lots of buyers, then chat history will help you to remember all of them and you don’t need to memorize what price you have quoted to each person.  While chatting with the buyer, you will have a written record of the product’s discussion, so future doubts from both parties can be clarified. Another thing you don’t have to keep notes of all the transactions.

Time saving
Now a days’ time management is a vital role in everyone’s life. I think chatting will save more time than a phone call, as conversations are precise and to the point through chatting. Chatting is an easy approach and one can chat with a relax mind, it also requires less attention than the phone call. So by using chatting one can implement that time in other tasks.

Apart from the above three advances, you can send the image or video of the product from different angles as per the buyer’s request. Chatting required less concentration, so you can reply when you will be free from your work.

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