Wednesday, 18 February 2015


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The day before yesterday my cousin visited our house with her six-week old baby. The baby slept peacefully whole evening but started to cry at our bed time. At first my cousin tried to soothe him but failed to stop his cries. Mama joined my cousin and together they started to sing lullaby, but still that didn’t help. Mama suggested that he may be hungry, so my cousin started to feed him but as I expected that also didn’t calm him down. My cousin started to shake him to stop his cries, but mama prevented her to do so. Then my sister and I mad funny faces, but that doubled his cries. His cry started to irritate me, my sister and my cousin. Stopping his cries seemed an impossible mission to carry out.

My mama took him in her hands and ferried him in our garden area. Finally the fresh air calmed him and he slept with the murmuring lullaby by mama. We succeed in our mission, when the clock displayed the time 1am. Seeing him sleeping peacefully made me smile a little.

We all were not in a mood for sleeping after the scenario, so we gathered at dining room. Mama started to give tips to my cousin about baby care and she told her about my childhood days. Mama stated that I was the most notorious one; I always created a challenging situation for mama before sleeping at night. Getting me to eat at night was the toughest step for mama and I slept only after eating dinner. She had to show me a dog or a cow for my dinner. She had to sing lullaby every night. When I turned three-year old mama’s lullaby converted into papa’s bed time stories. Papa used to tell me different fairy tales, out of which Cinderella is my favorite.

After hearing my childhood stories, mama gave reason to my cousin why the baby was crying. Mama said, “sometimes change in climate or place makes a baby little uneasy, so he started to cry. Babies give us different signals through their cries; sometimes they need food, sometimes they see bad dreams at night and wake up crying. Sometimes they need comfort and you need to keep your hand on their chest to soothe them. Making a baby sleep quietly at night is a milestone for every parent, but it would be better if you follow a bed time schedule for your baby.”

Mama continued, “Try to sing or play lullaby in order for your baby to sleep comfortably. Give a comforter to your baby; that can be a side pillow or a cuddly toy. And don’t shake your baby, it doubled their cry. That’s why I stopped you at that time.” My cousin and I listened to mama’s advice and a thought formed in my mind, ‘Taking care of a baby is not an easy job.’

I shared my thought with mama and she said, “Now you realize how I took care of you.” I smiled a little and we all went to sleep.

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