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A few months ago I shifted to a new apartment. There I found some of my furniture didn’t match with the color and interior of my flat. I told this problem to my friend and she introduced me to Quikr. That was my first meet with Quikr. That time my relocation was successful thanks to Quikr.

First, I will introduce you to Quikr:

Do you have a product you wish to sell? Would you like to buy something that would be useful to you or the product can fulfill your requirement from a person who currently owns it? With Quikr you can do it all in a better and smoother manner.

Quikr is a platform, where the buyer and the seller can converse with each other. You can receive quick responses from your search and it can fulfill your requirements within less time. Simply I can say for today’s world Quikr is an essential platform.

Quirk has introduced Quikr Nxt, it provides users to chat with the seller and buyer. In one of my posts I have mentioned why chat is more preferable than call.

Some days ago my dad wished to buy a better car. Once a thing came into my Dad’s mind, he started to make plans. My dad requested everyone’s point of view on this topic. After hearing everyone’s view and discussing briefly with mama, he decided a budget for the car.

In the evening I noticed the anxiety environment surrounded our house. After asking several times I finally got the answer. Dad wished to buy a second hand car.  Then I introduced and detailed Quikr and Quikr NXT to my Dad. I installed the Quikr NXT app on his phone and explained its features.

We surfed through Quikr and selected some models. After comparing the features, dad decided a model. We returned home and my Dad promised to buy it within two weeks. The price of our selected models was exceeding our budget, so I told my Dad to sell the old car in Quikr.

We shot the pictures of our car from different angles and listed it on Quikr site. Within a week we received some offers regarding our car. The best part was due to the app we didn’t have to receive any call and the privacy was well maintained. We all know chat required less attention than a call, so we gave the reply with a relaxed mind.

We got so many offers but due to Quikr NXT, we had kept track of the information, which we have been providing to buyers.  We also had a written record of the product’s discussion, so we can avoid any future arguments regarding our product.

Quikr NXT is an easy approach, we had sent different photos and videos  as per the buyer’s requirement keeping our number hidden.  Before six days our car got sold in a good amount and before three days we got our selected car from Quikr. Quikr NXT helped us to buy something better in exchange of our old model.

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