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I saw the video a couple of times; here a father, reflecting on the question, if he really is a great Dad while putting up his responsibilities towards his son. I loved this video and got an idea. I thought,‘I will write a letter to my Dad on his B’day.’

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 Dear Dad,

Many many happy returns of the day, hope GOD showers you HIS blessings for health, happiness and success. With a smile I woke up this morning and rushed towards your bedroom to wish you. You smiled and accepted my present. I know you always liked my paintings, so I made a painting for you.

I wonder, do you ever wish to know what kind of father you are in my life? I simply say ‘Dad, you are the coolest.’ You have wiped my running nose, massaged me with oil and mopped my pop. I have heard so many stories from my childhood like I always peed on you at night. I loved to pull your hair and  you shouted with agony.

I also heard from granny that first I learned to call ‘papa’ instead of ‘mama’. We always shared a special relationship, You have guided me, disciplined me, loved me, protected me, supported me, taught me and helped me in taking the right decision. You have stood by my side in my every decision. Till now you never spoke rudely with me.

Dad, you remember before five years, we were going somewhere on your bike. Your bike slipped in the sand and we both fell on the ground. I had a small crash, but blood dripping from your leg and you were asking about my well-about. You ran to hold an auto with your broken leg and helped me to get into that auto. From that day you became my superhero, my life savior. 

When I was in school, I loved to walk holding your hand. Do you remember when I told you about my first crush, you burst out laughing at me. When I didn’t crack my IIT entrance exam, you were the one who told me to let it go. You understood me, when I told you about my dreams. You supported me, when I wish to become a writer. You have taken care of me, when I needed you the most.

When I secretly participated in the inter dance competition, you had forgiven me for not telling you the truth about my participation. From that moment my respect for you had increased and love for you deepen. 

 I saw pride in your eyes, when I received the all rounder and the best guide award in my school. I get complements like ‘I look a lot like you.’, ‘ I’m  like my dad; caring, loving and intelligent.’ 

You are the one person for me; on whom I can lean on when I will feel tired, with whom I can hold hands  when I will feel lost and with whom I can share my thoughts when I feel low.

Let me tell you a secrete dad, your cooking is far better than mama’s. Happy birthday once again.

Yours lovely daughter,


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