Wednesday, 2 March 2016


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Pondering around in an empty room,
can my search will be accomplish.
Emptiness grasp me with more force,
and the loneliness follows me everywhere.
My life filled with void,
that makes me cry again and again.
I'm the shadow of a girl,
who used to laugh more on silly jokes.
I know that girl,
who used to be the favorite of herself.
I want to let the lonely go,
to make me complete again...

P.S.- I can say depression is a nasty thing. Lucky are those, who have crossed that phase. There was a time, when I felt empty, broken and worthless. I survived that situation and I never want to cross the path of depression again. 

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  1. Beautiful thought and also the expression.

    1. Thanks Jyotirmoy for your encouraging words. Do visit again... :)

  2. Great lines, I can totally relate to this, mostly from the past but sometimes it surfaces again... thanks for sharing!
    Visiting you from the a to z challenge btw 😊

    1. Thanks for stopping by... :) Do visit again.



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