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“Music is my soul mate. Without music I’m nothing than a mere person. I’m already married to music and I don’t want anyone in my life.” Parul answered stubbornly. Ajit tilted his head in one direction and gulped a sip of his coffee. “I see. Parul, this is too much. Uncle and aunt are worried about you so do I. Why do you keep refusing all the proposals? I get it that you love music. That doesn’t mean you won’t think about your future. You have to marry one day.” She had been avoiding that question for so long. She didn’t want to marry someone now. Her heart was broken once and she can’t take the risk again.

She never had a chance to confess her love towards Ajit. They were childhood friends. They parted at the age of seventeen due to Ajit’s higher studies in foreign. They vowed to meet again and in his absence she realized her love for him, ever since she waited for the return of him. She loved to scribble some poems in her free time. During those days she started to compose some of her poems. Her waiting came to an end when Ajit came to meet her after ten years. And one evening he confessed he had a girlfriend. Parul realized Ajit always considered her as a dear friend.  Heartbroken Parul went on depression for several days.

One morning she took her diary and penned all her emotions in form of poems. She won several contests and slowly gained the attention of audience. She got a chance to compose music in an album. That year the album became a huge hit. She stepped into Bollywood industry. Now-a-days Parul is one of the top most music composer and writer in Bollywood industry. Music was always a great distraction for her. Till now also she hadn’t collected herself to think of marriage. She was yet to let go of the memories of Ajit. Now her parents had sent him to convince her for a marriage proposal.

A thought came to her mind, “This is ridiculous. Once upon a time I dreamed about marrying you and now you came to me asking why I don’t want to marry?” A gentle squeeze on her hand brought her back from her thought. “Parul, I think you are worried about your career. You can continue it after marriage. Ria and I are happily married couple. Just give it a try.” Ajit’s gaze didn’t leave her.

That moment her heart wanted to scream “Only if you had understood me back then. I had waited for you so long but you came to me with your life partner. Life can’t be so cruel with me. I have found my harmony in music and I can’t handle more traumas. You laughed at me when I told you music is my soul mate. You can’t imagine the impact of music in my life. I’m begging you, don’t force me now.” A drop of tear slithered down her cheek. His look transformed into concern, “I didn’t mean to force you. It’s your choice and I’ll respect it.” She forced a smile and replied, “I need some time.”

They leave the cafe after spending some time gossiping about their childhood days. On her way back Parul thought, “You found your love of life and I discovered my passion for music. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have realized the impact of music in my life.”  


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  1. They parted at the age of seventeen due to Ajit’s higher studies in foreign.

    They parted at seventeen when Ajit went abroad for his higher studies.

    Apart from one error, beautiful writing! :-) Hope u win

    1. Yep, I also think I made a mistake... Thanks for pointing it out Maria... :)



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