Friday, 22 January 2016


Reading novels, Watching movies and series are my escapades.  I have watched hundred or more movies and came across numerous characters. Few characters leave a deep imprint on our soul. Some characters put across thoughtfully and colorfully that makes them look realistic. I have fallen for some characters and some make me frustrated as well as disgusted at the same time. Some characters leave an impact in our life while some vanish from our memory with passing time. I have come across some peppy and energetic characters from Bollywood movies; they have secured their positions in my heart.  

Geet from ‘Jab We Meet’
She is one of my most favorite characters till now. Geet was known for her carefree attitude. She knows how to get her work done. She believes in taking risks and loves to speak her heart out, even though no one listens. According to Geet if you feel like talking, you should continue not caring much about the audience. The most amazing fact is she her favorite person. I love her dialog like ‘Life is my favorite game.’, ‘we’ll tell our stories to our children.’, ‘I’m my all time favorite’ and much more.

Auro in ‘Paa’
He is one of the most peppy and chirpy character. He had a disease that caused him to age rapidly, representing him an old man. Still he always keeps up a smiling face and talks with humor. He never blames life for being so cruel to him rather made himself matured enough to fight with it. He is a thoughtful person and helped in his parent’s reunion.

Rancho in ‘3 Idiots’
He loves to live a carefree life.  He has his own way to prove his point right. His constant mumbling ‘All is well’ makes you believe in him. His sweet mischief makes him more adorable.  He lives like there is no tomorrow. He is always cheerful, making everyone happy no matter how bad the situation or life is.

Bhaskor Banerjee in ‘Piku’
He might remind you any of your relatives, constantly nagging about everything. He lives with a box full of homeopathic medicines and the color, quality and quantity of his ‘motion’. He loves her daughter but never display it publicly. He is a conservative Bengali, who always fights with his daughter but sings Bengali songs along with his daughter.  

They are on my top list of favorite characters. Apart from them I loved Ram and Leela from ‘Ramleela’ movie; though their families were sworn enemies they dare to love each other and live their fullest. Anjali from ‘Kuch kuch hota hai’ movie; she played two personalities in that movie. I liked the immature one, tom boyish style Anjali. He cared for her best friend and started to grow feelings for him. I loved her fights with her best friend and her concluding every quarrel with ‘Na na na na’ teasing. Bunny from ‘yeh jawani hai deewani’ is also on my favorite list.

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  1. Lovely post! I agree to each one of your selection.

    1. Thanks Rakesh... Glad you liked it. :)



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