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Anwi cleared her voice and peeked through the curtains to grasp the clear view of audience. Nervousness was mounting over her. She couldn’t find her mother among the crowd.  She looked towards the other contestants; practicing and looking confident enough to steal the show.

The host entered the stage with a smiley face. “Welcome to the 2015 annual state level music competition. Thousands of contestants had sent their music videos. But only twenty got selected by our judges. Those talented singers are going to perform today.”  Anwi’s heart pounded rapidly with the anchor’s voice. She glanced at her sweaty palms and released the breath she was holding till now. The prizes were huge for the winner but Anwi didn’t care for the trophy, all did she want is to prove herself. The host continued to introduce all the judges and sponsors of the show.

Anwi had been learning classical and Hindustani music since the age of four. She never dared to take part in any of the competitions. Her music teacher adored her and constantly advised her to take part in some music contests.  Six months ago when Anwi was in standard eight, decided to take part in inter school music competition. She went for an audition but never got the chance to showcase her talent. Her home room teacher shooed her by saying music is not your cup of tea and don’t waste our time. Being a shy and introvert person she left that place with teary eyes. She vowed to prove her teacher wrong and make her own way. One day she read an article in the new paper about 2015 annual state level music competition. She recorded her voice and sent it to their official website. After two weeks, she got a call about her being selected in top 20.

Four students had already performed and now it was her turn. She was panting nervously when the host called her to the stage. She took her place and adjusted the microphone. Her gaze met with the audience and she got blank for few seconds. The music started to play and she fumbled in her voice. She noticed some were controlling their laughter, some judges nodded disapprovingly and some people had disappointment look written over their faces. She closed her eyes and took deep breaths. She remember her purpose for this music competition. She started her song and ended it with everyone praising and giving her standing ovation.  She didn’t win the competition as many contestants sang better than her. But she was satisfied with her performance.

The next day everyone was talking about her including her teacher, who didn’t give her opportunity at that time. She found her picture in school notice board’s talent search column. Her intention was to prove her teacher wrong but that changed when she realized that she also hadn’t tried hard to get into any competitions. Her lips curved into a smile and she whispered, “The music competition was important for me.”

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