Saturday, 9 January 2016


There are two important mantras for my golden morning; one is getting enough sleep and second is having a proper morning time with my family. Maintaining proper sleeping hour is compulsory in my daily schedule. Being in IT sector I have to spend 11-12 hours in office in front of my desktop, which makes me dull and tired. So, I try to get all the things done within 11 pm for my proper sleep, things like having my dinner, brushing my teeth and reading something before sleeping.

Those days were long gone, when I used to get up late and hurried towards my college in order not to miss my bus. Back then I liked those days when I lead a carefree life not knowing how to use my morning time. But now morning time is my favorite time as morning shows a new start of the day leaving yesterday behind. My morning starts at 6 pm by hearing mama's prayer, but I always pretend to sleep just to listen mama's ‘good morning'. Then, I get a ‘good morning kiss' from mama which leaves a smile on my lips making me forget all the tension and worries of yesterday and making mood lighten up instantly. After that, I march to brush my teeth with Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold toothbrush. It's quite soft and it can explore every corner of my mouth efficiently. Brushing makes me feel active and fresh. I rush towards the balcony to get the sight of bright sun rays. I love to watch the morning brightness of the sun.  Then I go for my morning coffee. While I prepare coffee for everyone by that time my sister and papa also wake up. Together we four have our coffee and our chitchat last for 15-20 minutes. I devote my half an hour in creative writing and after that, I get ready for office.

I love those fifteen minutes in the morning when all four of us laugh out loud listening some jokes from my sister, discussing some matters and seeking each other's opinion. Within some time my family  and I transform our morning into gold morning and blast the world with its brightness and richness.    

This is my gold morning mantra (#Colgate360GoldMornings )and share how you convert your good morning to gold morning. 

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