Saturday, 9 January 2016

MY 2015 TALE

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2015 was a big year for me. I graduated from college and immediately got my offer letter to join the company. That year helped me to become responsible, workaholic and mature. My story started with my journey with my family in train with lots of enthusiasm and question in my mind. My close friend was also traveling with her family in the same train. Together we stepped into company campus with offer letter in our hand. We waited patiently for our turn to get the keys of our new room. And with luck we both turned out to be room-mates. We entered our new room, jumped, hugged each other tightly and with over excitement together we broke my cupboard. We explored the campus, till we got shoe bites. With each passing days our friendship got stronger and we started to see each other in different eyes.

I got new friends from my generic (before getting into a domain) class and got some fan followers as well. My enjoyment soon came to an end when my first exam date arrived. The exams were not like my college exams and there was always the fear of failing. I studied hard and learned a lesson that you can’t dream with open eyes without any hard work. One of my wish got fulfilled when I traveled with my friends to Coorg. I felt brave when my room-mate and I explored the city Bangalore for the first time. I had to parted from my generic friends as I promoted to stream (when you assign to a domain) class. Again I made new set of friends and got habituated to the panic attacks before exams.

My days went on feeling the happiness on getting result, feeling the power of freedom, chitchatting with friends at mid night and playing pranks on my friends. All that came to an end when my room-mate got her posting location, while I got re-skill (that means they will teach you another domain) and that meant I had to spend one month extra without her. I remember those days when one by one my friends started to depart the campus and I went to see-off them. I wept silently for days alone in my room. That was when I realized how much dependent I had become on my room-mate.

There is a say that happy days are coming and that happened exactly, I started to enjoy my re-skill days though the study was not a successful one. Finally, the day arrived for which I along with 89 other re-skill trainees waited, our release date. I was on cloud nine because first I hadn’t met my family for about six months and second my room-mate and I got the same posting location. I returned home as soon as possible leaving Mysore behind and keeping all the sweet and sour memories in my heart.

Those were the golden months of my life when I laughed, wept, had my break down, enjoyed to my fullest, bunked classes, studied hard, celebrated birthdays, struggled to survive, shopped my heart out, saw the ups and downs, felt the gain and loss, experienced the fear of failing and learned to be independent. 2015 is one of the best years for me. If I stand in front of mirror, I see a matured me.

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  1. Best wishes for 2016 Arpita :) Indeed, memories are truly beautiful and in their own way keep company when needed.

  2. Love you roomie!! the best and the only roomie I ever had.. let's go exploring again.. like we explored Mysore and Bangalore... :)

    1. I'm always ready to explore with you!!! love you too roomie... :)

  3. Wonderful read and Happy New Year...

    1. Thanks Dipannita... Glad you liked it. :)



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