Thursday, 21 January 2016


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I got my graduation degree on 2015. My last days at college were awesome; I felt a lot of emotions at a same time like departing from friends, missing my college days and the fun at being in college, excited about my future and worried about my future planning. I got my offer letter at the end of April during my eight semester exam. I joined the company on May. I had started my journey with lots of enthusiasm and questions in my mind. I was one of few lucky fellows who got their friends as their room-mates. I was stunned to see the campus; the buildings were too large that my eyes couldn’t reach. The surroundings were too clean that you can’t find a drop of dust and our extra facility rooms that looked like five-star hotel rooms.  

I had never been away from my home before but I had to spend five months in that campus away from my family. The first thing I learned there is to control my emotions over small matters. That gave impact to my personality and helped me to be a strong person.  During our exam times I had to work hard to avoid the fear of termination. First time I realized, during my school and college days I invested money to read hard but I didn’t try hard, while during my training time I was paid money to study and I gave my hundred percent  to studies. That made me learn another thing, without hard work you can’t achieve your goal. That had impact on me to be a better person and taught me the importance of money in one's life.

traveled to Coorg with my friends. On our way we headed to an adventure park. Personally I’m not a big fan of adventures, but that day my friends forced me to try skydiving. After so many refusals I finally gave up and tried that. It felt so amazing to fly like a bird. That moment I learned to live each and every moment of your life without caring much about future and face your fears to overcome it instead of running away. Every day is not a happy one; some are sad, some are painful, some are stressful and some are boring. I joined my posting location and got my project after the waiting for about one n half months. During that time I learned to become patience. And after getting my project I had learned to balance both my professional life as well as my personal life.  I resumed my blogging after joining the office.

Small incidents taught me great things and had impact highly on my lifestyle. The year 2015 helped me to become mature enough to handle any kind of situations. Now I’m looking forward to 2016 to see what it will impact on my lifestyle.

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  1. Your blog is really impressive and the way you express your thoughts is unique. I have read many of your blogposts.

    This post reminded me of my college days. Even I got graduated in 2015...what a coincidence!!

    I would like to read more from your blog.....
    Keep Writing!!

    1. Thank you Sweeta for your encouraging words... :) Yes, college days were one of the kind. Please do visit my blog and leave your comments.



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