Wednesday, 9 December 2015


“People think we had a love-hate relation.
 Well, I didn’t love him, nor did I hate him. We had mutual respect for each other,
Even as we both planned each other’s murder.”


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Dear ‘S’,
I’m not going to ask you “How are you”, because I know you are living in peace without me around. How is your work going on? Did you make any new friends? One thing I know for sure that nobody is going to take my place in your life. Did I startle you by saying this? Yes, you can taunt me now. I have a big heart and I will forgive you.

I remember out first meeting. My friend introduced me to you and we talked about our favorite singer “KK”. That day I thought you and I are a lot alike, but you proved me wrong within a month. I don’t understand, when was the first time I upset you? Is it then when you asked me to change my seat and you wanted me seat beside you, but I refused or when you taunted me for the first time very badly and I snapped back or when you started to force your commands on me like “complete your food”, “don’t waste things” and I didn’t listen. Now you must be thinking “when did I do all these things? Now you are exaggerating.” I’m assuring you that you did all this things, but I have a big heart. So I forgave you every time. Whatever the reason, I have finally stopped thinking about that.

Our “foe cum friend” relation has taught me a lot like how to handle criticism, how to take stand for my own shake and how to handle a situation. I never realize when hate towards you turned into concern. Yes, I hated you for a while. That’s the only thing I lied to you. I had never seen such a complicated personality, until I meet you. Decoding you and your thoughts were the toughest part for me than writing complex codes. Another question, I wonder always why you thought of me as your biggest competitor. I laugh out loud thinking about our quarrels over silly things. I loved to tease you saying ‘No’ to your every questions, requests and commands. In the end I realized that I’m habituated to our silly fights. After our separation I started to miss them or I can say I miss you.

I’m yet to understand what you were trying to say on our last meeting. You were asking for my forgiveness, but why? I also did some mistakes, so we both were equal. This thing left unsolved. Now I will say this once, “Sorry” and don’t make me repeat it again. You know, I’m not going to say it again. You asked me, “Is there any scope of me to meet you in future?” I’m going to answer that now. Yes, we will meet but be prepare for our next meet because I’m carrying a gun now (joking).  

Finally I want to say that don’t try so hard to please people around. And don’t always expect that things will go on your accord.

Your dearest foe/friend


This is the second letter in "Letter To Past" series. I will be posting letters once or twice a week. I won't be exposing the names, to whom I'm writing and the location, where I met them. 


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