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To read the first part Twist In The Tale .

Inspector Suraj was reviewing a file when Sheena came to the police station. Suraj knew Sheena about six months ago. Every month she came to him to claim that her father was murdered. Suraj liked her straight forwardness and adored her undying love for her father. He empathize her emotionally. “Hello Sheena, tell me how are you?” He asked cheerfully. “How can be a daughter whose father was murdered and his killers are pondering around freely.” Sheena replied sharply.  Suraj let out a sigh. “Sheena I told you hundred times that I can’t arrest anyone without any proof and I can’t even point anyone. I understand your feelings and I even reviewed your father’s case file due to your request. Everything points that he died in an accident. That time the case was given to other officer, so I can’t reopen the case and start any investigation until I get any approval and for approval I need some strong proofs. Though I truly want to help you, but my hands are tied by law.”

Sometimes Suraj felt very difficult to make Sheena understand the situation. Every time Sheena came to him, he had to repeat the same thing over and over. “I know, what you are trying to imply. But this time I have proofs. Look at my father’s property paper, all his property is in my name. I’m an adopted child; you can confirm that from sunshine orphanage. I don’t have any paper to proof that.” Before Sheena could proceed further, Suraj interrupted her “Sheena stop it… These proofs are not enough and what are you saying that has no connection to your father’s murder.” "No, it has a connection inspector. My mother didn’t love my father and after his death she remarried. She and my step father murdered him together. I have even recorded their conversation. Here is the CD.” Sheena extended the CD to Suraj. Sheena was growing impatient and Suraj noticed that. “I can see this time you came prepared. Submit all the proofs along with the video CD in my custody and wait for few days. I will contact you for further progression.”  Sheena submitted all the proofs and left from there. On her way back she grinned, “Finally I got you two.”

Few moments later Suraj called Leela and within third ring she picked up “She came today, again. Today I had to work harder to calm her. She came with proofs against you. Can you come now to meet me?” Suraj wiped his sweats with his handkerchief and wait patiently for Leela’s arrival. Leela and Suraj were college mates. So they know each other very well.    

Leela and Adil took their respective seats in front of Suraj. “Sheena is an adopted child? What about the property paper, Leela?” Suraj wanted to sooth his curiosity. “Did you see the CD? What is in there?” Leela snapped. “Leela first answer my question?” Suraj crossed his arms. “It’s been two years since the death of her father. She was closed to her father. After the accident she was in depression but suddenly before seven months she started to talk to herself, imagined things that don’t exist. Doctor said she is having visual hallucination. She is imagining things. Do you know now also she calls to her father’s number and talked to him but her father’s number isn’t active. I’m scared of sending her to college. She isn’t listening to me and thinking that we have plotted her father’s death. Now tell me what did you see in the CD?” Leela was on the verge of crying. “The CD was blank. Nothing was there. I know about her problem and your situation too. But is she an adopted child?” Leela chuckled. “No, she is my own child. And her father didn’t have any property. I don’t know what paper she showed, but Adil made his property in her name. Suraj, she is imagining things on her own. One thing she is right that I didn’t love her father but I love her with my heart.” Adil held Leela’s hand and squeeze it gently. They left that place after their conversation.


“Do you think I have a problem, Dad?” Sheena asked over the phone. “Not at all… my princess.” A voice said on the other end. “Then why I’m in a hospital?” Sheena made a pout. “Because I love you.” The voice whispered.  “I love you more, Dad” She hung up the phone. 

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