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Book Blurb:

The divine command was from Lord Shiva. So Shaktipurians would do anything to safeguard the 'Taal-Patras' -- the ultimate secrets compiled onto palm-leaves by the yogis that contained everything! Yes, all the do's and don'ts from making of the elixir to reviving the dead! 

This task was headed by their beloved warrior Indrajith. But destiny brutally destroyed their plans! Their toughest braveheart was to perish in a bloody dual. This ill-fated episode prompted the rise of the nefarious king of Narakdesh -- Asurshasak! 

Desperate, Shaktipurians recited the revival slokas on the dead grave of their only hope… 
Would Indrajith emerge and come back stronger than before? And if he comes back, who is waiting for him now with a pole arm in her hands and protruding teeth? 

With black-magic obstacles barring his way, the comeback warrior -- Suraj Sena is shaken when the conspirator rips off the mask! But traitors never go unpunished!

My Review:
I would say a very nice effort from the author that takes us to a completely different world; the world of fantasy and Indian mythology.  The plot and the story line are well put and quite unique. Every chapter is full of twists, adventures and turns. Among all the characters I liked Diya very much. I loved how the story starts with Deepali and Indrajith. Deepali's one sided love touched me. 

I think the author deserves an applause for her first attempt. The author's writing style is crisp and she doesn't exaggerate any chapters. This is a page turning story and have the capacity to hooked the reader, if you have a little patient. I think if I were little small then I would have enjoyed this story much more than now. Some chapters deviate from the main story where as some are beautifully elaborated. 

I will give this book 3 out of 5 stars due to it's unique concept and the author's praise worthy attempt. Wishing her luck for the upcoming book in "Comeback Warrior Trilogy".

About The Author:

Saranya Umakanthan, a Software Engineer by profession, she exhibits her creativity in coding as well as writing. An avid reader all her life, she has a way with her words. She has taken up Indian fantasy genre for her first novel and it is quite a refreshing change to the readers. She believed that being a University topper two times in her life was her success until she held her first novel in her hands. The fragrance of books inspires her and she haunts the book stores too often. She would love to hear your feedback. Do send out a mail to saranya.umakanthan@gmail.com.

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