Wednesday, 2 December 2015


"We don't meet people by accident, we cross their path for a reason"

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Dear M,

How are you? How is life going on with you? It's been a while since I talked with you. I wonder do you miss me? You are that one person who tries to see through me. I will cherish our every moment that we spent during our training period.

You are the one who taught me how to be mischievous, how to live my life openly, how to control my emotions and how to laugh at my own stupidity. You know, I have wished umpteenth times that if you were my sister and we would be spending time together. I loved it when in our presentation section you told about my blog. I saw the excitement in your eyes, did you notice eagerness in me? Did you notice the shock, when you told me that you have drank alcohol and smoked several times?  At first I thought we are the two opposite sides of a coin, but with due time my mindset changed. I was very sad, when you cried your heart out holding me.  In the initial time of our departure I started to miss you. I got emotionally attached with you, but now I’m a big person. I have composed myself and got habituated to the emptiness. I have kept you in one corner of my precious memory. When I thought to write letters, you were the second person that came to my mind. Now you must be wondering who the first person is? Well, it’s a secret. I will tell you and only you when we will meet next time.

Don’t forget to invite me in your marriage. Finally wishing you a bright future and waiting for your reply.

Yours long lost friend


This is the first letter in "Letter To Past" series. I will be posting letters once or twice a week. I won't be exposing the names, to whom I'm writing and the location, where I met them. 


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  1. Interesting. It contains much that can stimulate the fancy of a casual reader.

  2. what a moving letter it is and not to forget that it is most interesting :)
    Totally agree with Matheikal Sir here :)

  3. Letters are always special in their own way. Hope this one is being delivered too in case it isn't being read by the one that should be reading it :) Best Wishes.

  4. Thank you all for your encouraging words... :)

  5. emotional piece dear... :) words here do get to me ..



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