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“How can I help you ma’am?” Sheena gritted her teeth between her words. “I need your time. Can I have coffee with my daughter?” Sheena looked at her mother for a while. It was unusual for her mother to visit her workplace. With a tight smile she replied, “Workers are not allowed here to spend time with customers. Other than my time if you need anything?” Sheena wanted her mother to leave that place as soon as possible. “I’m disappointed again. Will you meet me at dinner? Come home early, okay?” She moved out of the queue and headed towards the exit door. “That’s my house and I will come when I want to.” Sheena shouted to her mother with a hateful voice.

22 year old Sheena loved to work in her cafe as a part timer.  Apart from her studies, cafe was the only place where she was able to distract herself. She lost her father two years ago and her mother remarried a year ago. She hated her mother not because she remarried the wrong guy, but because she never once loved her father.

Sheena entered her home only to find her step father frowning at her. “What?” Sheena snapped. “Can you bring me a water bottle, it’s on the table.” Her step father said in a calm voice. “Go, do your own work and stop acting like a pathetic guy. What are you even doing now, I told you thousand times that it’s my father’s chair. Don’t sit on it.” Sheena’s mother rushed towards them and hushed, “Don’t bother her hubby. She is tired now and don’t order around.” She squeezed Sheena’s shoulder for showing her support. Sheena’s step father wiped tears from his eyes. Sheena moved her mother’s hand away and headed towards her bed room.

Leela, Sheena’s mother moved towards Sheena’s step-father, Adil. “I know, she doesn’t like you. But don’t be upset now.” She tried to console him. “You always do support her and may I remind you she is your adopted daughter, not even your own.” He said with a dark expression. “I didn’t tell my husband to adopt her. One day he came with a baby girl and told me to take care of her. I can’t believe he gave all his property to her and didn’t leave a single penny for me.” Money always matters to Leela, that’s why she married to Sheena’s father in the first place. “I know dear, you have to gain her trust. That’s why I faked the tears. You are doing well by supporting her.” Adil grinned. “We had killed my husband for the property and now we can also succeed in taking over the properties from that silly girl. I have faith on you.” They embraced each other.

Stood beside her bed room door, Sheena recorded their entire conversation. She closed the door and sat on her bed. A moment later her phone vibrated. She picked up in second ring. “How are you my daughter?” a male voice hummed from the other side of the phone. “Dad, I have finally found enough proofs to make them guilty for their crimes.” Sheena sounded determined. “I knew, you can do it. I’m proud of you.” And the line got cut.


thanks for stopping by, It's my first suspense genre short story attempt. I will love to hear your comments...


  1. Nice start ...I am eager to

  2. OMG it's good.. i had chills.. i think the similarity of the name 'Shenna' to what we are hearing in the news and reading in newspapers.. created a greater curiosity

  3. Thanks ipsa and Pratikshya.... :)

  4. aage padhna hai....jaldi likho ji

    1. Yup... I will post its final part... :)



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