Friday, 25 July 2014

THE SILENT BOY: a 100 word fiction (#2)

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I was standing near the gate of my sister’s school when someone patted my hand. I turned to see a small boy standing near holding a paper made flower in his hand. He presented a charming smile and handed me that flower.

“For me, thank you.” I smiled.

“You made it? Beautiful! What’s your name Kiddo?”  No reply.

“I’m Arpita and you are?” still silent response. I assumed that he didn’t want to talk.

When I was about to leave, he showed me in sign language that neither he can hear nor talk. He left that place making me wide eyed.

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“You can’t change the truth, but the truth can change you” 

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  2. WoW! That was beautiful - Thank you for sharing it :)

    Chanzie @ Mean Who You Are.

    1. Welcome dear...silence is a beautiful word for them, who understand it's definition.



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