Friday, 26 December 2014


My heart stopped beating imaging the horrible incident
Stunned into eternal muteness
By the sudden attack,
Which took the lives of hundred innocents

The kids were pure and innocent
‘Why’ seems a pointless question
I never expected the perpetrators will be such ill minded,
Omitting the precious lives as well as hopes and aspirations

No amount of solidarity will bring back their life
Who will erase the cry and agony of their parents
But we all are united to proclaim that,
We are there for them in the darkest moment.

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  1. You know there is one more interesting thing...though the media highlighted the attack in Pakistan but failed to show the number of people who died in northeast due to clashes.

  2. Innocent lives lost in the game of guns. :(
    Arpita you have poured the emotiions well

  3. Yes you are right Gargee...
    thanks for the compliment...

  4. So many innocent lives lost to terrorism...your poem captured the horrifying essence of it.
    Do keep writing.

  5. Right Paulami...Thank you for visiting...



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