Wednesday, 30 July 2014


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Dear Blog,

One day my mama had stood on the corner of the kitchen room with a weird expression, deep in thoughts. I observed her for sometimes then broke the silence between us “anything happened mama?” “No, nothing” she nodded her head and proceed to make salad. I was not convinced at her answer, so I asked further “Why are you so dull today? Someone has told you something?” But I got same response as previous.

That evening she came to me with a troubled face “acha beta, tell me honestly am I getting fatter na?” I was stunned at her question. Was it bothering her so much back then? “Yes mama, you are fat and you are gaining more weight because of thyroid also.” I completed my sentence with a cute smile. But my cuteness didn’t affect her.

After that conversation I noticed she was doing some yoga, exercises and eating banana for several days until her body started to ache all over. That time I thought it was funny, how could she take it so seriously? Sometimes I tried to convince her to drop these entire yoga things but she always said me that I can’t understand it as I’m not fat like her.

Thank god finally she dropped all these activity. But now she is forcing me to eat more!!! Sometimes she throws her tantrum on me about eating more n more veggies. These days whenever she meets someone she doesn’t forget to advice that person about how important food is for us. So tell me blog what can I do for her? Her activities are still funny for me.

                                                                                                See you again blog...

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